Zen to Done (ZTD) vs Getting Things Done (GTD)

Zen to Done (ZTD) vs Getting Things Done (GTD)

(Ja'acov Goldberg ) #1

Any thoughts, suggestion, on Zen to Done by Leo Babuata vs Getting Things Done by David Allen? Thank you

(Wilson Ng) #2

I love ZTD. I remembered reading GTD and trying to work it. I jumped on and fell off the GTD bandwagon numerous times. It was just too much to try to adopt at one time.

ZTD’s simplicity made it easier to adopt. Adopting one habit at a time was its saving grace.

If you want to get to the core basics of a productivity system, start with ZTD. When you master the 10 habits, you’ll be able to slowly add more pieces to your workflow and truly make it your own productivity system.

(Ja'acov Goldberg ) #3

Hi Wilson: Ditto on falling off & on with GTD. You inspired me to invest in ZTD & mastering the 10 habits. Thank you for sharing your valued thoughts & experience with ZTD & GTD.

(Joe Buhlig) #4

@Yaakov and @wilsonng, would each of you be willing to share the differences you see in each of these? Or anyone else who has experience in both?

I’ve heard and read limited material on ZTD so catching the nuances isn’t something I’ve been able to do. To my ears, they’re roughly the same.

(Wilson Ng) #5

I have ideas for this but it won’t be coming next week. I have another post I wanted to present to y’all next week.

My perspective of ZTD coming up in the near future. Perhaps @Yaakov might chime in with some thoughts too? :wink:

(Ja'acov Goldberg ) #6

Hi Joe: I can give my thoughts on GTD this week. I will love to hear what Wilson has to say on ZTD. Sorry for the slow response.