Where do you work?

Where do you work?

(Beck Tench) #1

I thought it would be fun to snap a photo of our workplaces so we can envision where much of the chattering that happens on The Guild is actually happening. I work from three places: my home, the ferry, and my office at school. I don’t have a picture of my school office right now, but I’ll try to get one and update this post with it. Here are the other two:

Home Office

I live in a 300 sq ft straw bale home and this is our “everything” table. It’s where I’m sitting right now to type this post. The wooden chair is my great grandfather’s (my mom’s mom’s dad) and the table is my great grandmother’s (my mom’s dad’s mom). The little owl is my pomodoro timer.

Commuter Office

I travel on a ferry to get to and from school, it’s a 35 minute ride. In the mornings, I sit in “the library,” which is pictured here in a very rare state: empty. The community of people that sit in the library keep it quiet. It’s a great place to read in the mornings, which is what I usually do. I also check email and stuff, but in the middle of the ride, I usually lose signal and switch over to reading. At night, I usually sit on the main deck at a booth and eat dinner w/my partner.

Your Turn

I’m curious, where do you do your working? And are there any interesting/fun stories about those places?

(Todd Brogowski) #2

Damn, that’s a sweet setup (and hello fellow resident of the Puget Sound. Lately, I try to work from as many different locations as possible. It creates just enough low level stimulus to keep me from getting distracted. I need to someday get a mobile hotspot so I can work at Point Defiance Park more often.

(Michael Wilson) #3

The pastor’s office.

(Justin DiRose) #4

This is a moment in time shot of my desk. No cleaning or anything.

Great topic, @10ch!

To give you some details on my setup:

  • Macbook Pro (13", 2016)
  • Ergodox EZ Keyboard
  • Wacom Intuos tablet for mousing
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i4/Presonus Studio Channel/Shure Beta87A for screencasting & voice work
  • Dell 27" 4K Display
  • Dell 21" Standard Display
  • Both displays are on a desk mount
  • An Akai MPK Mini MIDI controller (just got for Christmas!)

I also have a Hue lightstrip on the back of my desk for accent lighting.

Oh, and the stuffed animal is to help me be more natural when talking by myself into a microphone. Thanks to @shouit for that idea!

(Josh Rensch) #5

Is the stuffie helping?

(Justin DiRose) #6

It definitely is! :stuck_out_tongue: