When Creative Energy Starts Flowing

When Creative Energy Starts Flowing

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As I continue finding ways to outsource various pieces of my business, I’m also seeing a need to be creative crop up more and more. I find myself collecting random article topics that I want to write about. But the trick is always time, which is partially why I have a calendaring experiment.

But the piece about these ideas that I find interesting is that they often don’t have a specific focus. I’ve typically written about productivity and the like. But I have topic ideas that range from sauerkraut to sleeping without a pillow. And these are things I want to write about.

I even have a place to share these ramblings. But again, it all comes down to time and the value I place on the task. Given the finances, I would spend an hour everyday writing. But when the bills come in each month, it’s a lot easier for me to justify spending that time working on client projects as opposed to writing.

So it’s been a fascinating journey to watch as my client project work is able to be outsourced because my brain innately starts finding ways to fill the time. The balance required is to determine the right task to replace the free time with.

What I’m reading

How to Read a Book by Mortimer J. Adler, Charles Van Doren

This has proven to be an interesting read. I’ll be wrapping it up tomorrow and having a discussion about it with Mike for Bookworm on Wednesday. So look for that episode to drop next week with all my thoughts.


BW - 41: 168 Hours by Laura Vanderkam

Where does your time go? And do you actually spend it where you think you do? These are tough questions when you dive into it, which is exactly what Mike and Joe do.

WTW - 17: I Don’t Think Anyone Likes Homework

It’s 2018! How are Joe and Drew spending their mornings? Drew shares about a new upgrade to his analogue game, and Joe asks an interesting question: If you’re a book person, how does it feel to want to share that information with others?

Books added to the list

The Lessons of History by Will Durant, Ariel Durant

This was mentioned on the podcast Tim Ferriss did with Ray Dalio. Ray was talking about some of the books he would recommend to graduating college students and this was the one that stood out to me and that I haven’t read.

Alone Together by Sherry Turkle

I ran across this recommendation on the subreddit r/nosurf. And since I’m always fascinated by how technology affects us…

Interesting Productivity Guild topics

Keys to successful time blocking?

This is a topic I started due to my experiment with time blocking. There are some issues I’ve been working on that I’m yet to resolve so I started a new conversation about it.

Using the OmniFocus Review Perspective as a Tickler for Projects and Single Action Lists

This is the latest in Wilson’s OmniFocus and task management breakdown. And once again, it’s full of wonderful little nuggets.

41: 168 Hours by Laura Vanderkam

Here is the companion topic for a Bookworm episode that ended up in a fun conversation about how to schedule time for your tasks. It’s similar to time-blocking but specifically geared towards deciding when to do a task.



Clarity of mind is something I know to be valuable and continues to be a target I follow after with meditation. It’s possible that I have enough mindfulness practices built into my day that a dedicated meditation practice simply takes a long time for effects to be seen.

Morning Pages

They didn’t happen at all this past week. Between a stomach virus, sick kids, and being behind at work, I simply didn’t take the time for them.

Extreme calendaring

I don’t follow my schedule. I wish I did but I’m terrible at keeping commitments at myself. Now I just need to nail down why I don’t follow through.

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