What's your word for the little but important things?

What's your word for the little but important things?

(Beck Tench) #1

I have a list in OF for the tedious things I need to do for one project that is very important, it’s my M.I.P. (Most Important Project, I just made that up).

At home, I call this list “Chores” but it’s not the same because it’s just, you know, chores. But this list, in this important project, it’s slightly aspirational but also fairly mundane.

Do you have lists like that? What do you call them?

(Justin DiRose) #2

I use a Neutralize list (it’s on my list for a write up). Basically I have tasks that recur daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually that tend to be upkeep. I tend to see them as keeping my life and house in a neutral state (clean dishes, made bed, water softener filled, etc.). Not always urgent but usually important!

(Beck Tench) #3

Interesting! I like that. Kind of like “balance,” but maybe a more accurate word.

(Wilson Ng) #4

I started calling my list “Conquer”. It’s where I take charge, go into “Conan the Conqueror” mode and start hacking and slashing away at my Admin Task List as if I were Conan the Conqueror. I often feel the need to power up, pump myself up and get into that headspace. It’s more a shift in mindset. Instead of thinking of the boring admin tasks and frogs I don’t want to do, I imagine myself as the Conqueror. I completely annihilate these puny tasks and banish them at least for another day!


(Wilson Ng) #5

@10ch, you are on the right track to try to find that buzzword to get you going. My list used to be called “Admin”. It didn’t inspire me at all and I usually ignored it.

But when I’m feeling low in energy and un-focused on Big Rock projects, I go to my Conquer perspective to at least keep me a little busy until I can regain “high brain mode” once again.

My M.I.P. (great acronym!) are my Big Rocks. They are my raison d’être. I reminisced about the Big Rock here.

I switch between my Big Rocks (M.I.P.) list and my Conquer list throughout the day. The admin tasks are my Little Rocks.

(Beck Tench) #6

Excellent, @wilsonng! I look forward to giving these a good read.

(Wilson Ng) #7

Everyone takes a little bit of each other’s workflows. Looking forward to hearing about what your final word is! :+1: