What are your favorite Siri Shortcuts?

What are your favorite Siri Shortcuts?

(Wilson Ng) #1

It’s truly amazing how Siri shortcuts has transformed our iPhones into personalized digital assistants. This is just one example of what you can do if you take the time to learn about Siri Shortcuts.

I’m slowly building up my Siri shortcuts with personalized phrases. A few examples I have are:

“Where are you, honey?”
It opens Find My Friends and then locates my wife

“Hi honey”
It dials my wife

“New Journal Entry”
Opens Day One and starts a new journal entry

“Voice recording”
Dicate a new draft in Drafts

Opens the Forecast perspective in OmniFocus

Opens the Today perspective in OmniFocus

I have several other Siri shortcuts for opening different perspectives in OmniFocus.

What do you have in your Siri shortcuts? Share some great examples and let’s see if we can find inspiration from each other!

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(Jennifer) #2

Interesting thread. I’m replying mostly so that I keep track of it. :slight_smile:

I don’t have any shortcuts for Siri (yet). I mostly just ask Siri to “take me home” when I’m at some random location. I love the “where are you, honey?” shortcut idea. I would totally use that.

Thanks for starting this thread!

(Justin DiRose) #3

I’m totally in Mac automation mode right now, so I haven’t even touched Siri Shortcuts yet; however, I’m very interested to see what others have to say as well!

(Jonathan Ball) #4

I have a few like you mentioned. The one I like the most is, Daily Agenda. It shows me the forecast in carrot weather, shows me my calendar, and opens Things to the today view.


I have a few shortcuts that I really enjoy but I’m still just dipping my toes into the deep end.

  • Log Weight
    Prompts me for my current weight via dictation and saves it to Health.

  • Track water
    Logs that I drank a glass of water in Health

  • Play podcasts
    Plays podcasts in Overcast

  • Meditate
    Turns on do not disturb for 10 mins and starts a timer.

  • Search Bible
    Prompts me for a Bible verse via dictation and then searches OliveTree. I use it for general reference like “Mark 2”.

  • Save song to learn
    Saves the currently playing song in my “Songs to Learn” playlist.

  • Take a photo
    Opens Halide and snaps the shutter. Thinking about switching this to “say cheese” since I mostly use it as a remote shutter.

  • Is it going to rain?
    Shows the upcoming forecast in Carrot Weather.

  • What’s today’s weather?
    Today’s forecast in Carrot.

Then these are the ones that make me the happiest.

  • Magic Kingdom / Epcot / Hollywood Studios / Animal Kingdom
    I can say each of these parks and Siri will show me that parks hours for today and the current wait times for all rides.

  • Park Hours at Disney World
    All park hours for the day

(Wilson Ng) #6

The Siri shortcuts are great for actions that we repeatedly do.

Everyone is starting small and will eventually build small handful of useful Siri shortcuts. We will add them when we find an oft-repeated action. It’s kinda fun going to my Settings app and then seeing what Siri suggestions are available for me to add.

I’m still going through the MacSparky OmniFocus 3 Video Field Guide right now. Next up, I’ll be getting the Siri Shortcuts Video Field Guide.

There is a user (Ed Moloney) in Omni Group Slack #automations slack channel who created a GTD Triggers checklist in Siri Shortcuts.


It prompts you with a series of questions about any incomplete triggers that may require you to create new actions in OmniFocus. Incomplete triggers can represent any outstanding issues around us that could warrant a new task to be captured in our task manager inbox. Here’s a sample of the GTD Incompletion Trigger List.

Use this PDF list to create your own checklist. Customize the shortcut to fit your needs. Take someone else’s Siri Shortcut. Keyboard Maestro macro, or an AppleScript and learn how it is constructed. Then customize it to fit your needs. That’s one of the best ways to learn how to automate.

If you’d like to interact with others about automation, head on over to the Automators Discourse forum and subscribe to the podcast.

(Wilson Ng) #7

In this article, @Sparky showcases using Siri Shortcuts on your iOS device’s home screen.

(Jennifer) #8

Those would make me happy too.

Then I’d remember that first I’d need a shortcut to find me the cheapest flight from Seatac along with a shortcut to make being crammed in the cattle car of a plane for 6+ hours bearable, and then I’d be back to my old grumpy self. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But those are still great ideas for shortcuts. So, thanks!

(Wilson Ng) #9

This article shows a couple repository for some publicly submitted Siri shortcuts. Happy feasting!

(Jennifer) #10

Are there any podcast apps that support siri shortcuts yet? (besides, I’m assuming, the apple podcast player).

I currently use Downcast, and would love to have shortcut access into it. I’ve been looking to see if the developer has a “suggestion box” :smile: I hope he’s considering adding that support.

(Justin DiRose) #11

Overcast has it implemented. Marco Arment usually has the headlining features implemented by day one of a new iOS release :slight_smile:

(Jennifer) #12

Thanks! I’ll check it out.

(Santhanakrishnan Dhandapani) #13

I have not realised the the “Shortcuts” app in iPhone/iPad yet. Thanks for reminding about it.