Using Legal Pads for Productivity

Using Legal Pads for Productivity

(Luke) #21

Thanks for your reply, but I’m curious what your reasoning for this is?

Getting an iPad with keyboard and pencil is tantalising— but I’m not sure if it’ll replace the ability to code for me.

Also the iPad with keyboard requires an easel to stand upright. One of my use cases is on the train to work, where there is nothing to prop it up with while writing.

If they introduce a rigid hinge, such as those in laptops, it’ll probably be an instant purchase to me.

(Mike N) #22

There are more expensive options, however this one has been the most reliable that I’ve tried. Also ridiculously lite and long battery life. It places the iPAD in the “correct” angle while sitting on your lap. It has enough rigidity in the hinge to hold it in place with whole weight of the iPad hanging off of it at any angle.


I have one of these (actually, I have two, but don’t tell anyone). They’re lovely, perfect size for A5 notebooks. I started with thin notebooks, 2 or 3 for different purposes. Now I’ve moved to one - saves having to remember where I wrote something.