Using Airmail + Shortcuts to Send Message URL to Task Manager

Using Airmail + Shortcuts to Send Message URL to Task Manager

Here’s how I use Airmail + Shortcuts to send a Message URL to my task manager (Things). This would work for any other task manager that has URL scheme, or Shortcuts, support.

  1. First things first, grab one of these Shortcuts:
  1. Next let’s setup Airmail.
  • Open Airmail + go to Settings
  • Select “Custom Actions
  • Create a new Action and name it whatever you’d like
  • Next add a “Send To Workflow**” step
  • Name it the name of the Shortcut that you’re sending it to (ex. Airmail > Mail Message Link > Things)
  • Configure the step, it’s easier to just use this screenshot as reference.
  • Optional:
    • Configure additional action steps for “Mark as Read” and “Send to Archive”.
    • Configure a swipe action, for the custom action.

** Make sure you turn on Workflow in the Services area of Airmail’s Settings.

Here’s a video sample of the the whole process in action.

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(Justin DiRose) #2

I think Airmail found a place on my phone now.

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I really wish the devs spent more time on fixing stability bugs because the app has some amazingly useful automations. I just can’t use it as my default client.

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(Justin DiRose) #4

100% agree. I’d rather see them make the app 10x more stable than release some of these other side apps they are.

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(David Negrin) #5

Hey there, very excited to start using shortcuts for productivity hacks, thanks for the example.

Doesn’t Airmail already have Omnifocus integration under Apps - Services - OmniFocus?

I’ve been using that to capture emails to my Task Manager.

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Yea but it uses the airmail URL scheme. I want a message URL so I can refer back to it in MailMate on macOS. :blush:

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(Wilson Ng) #7

I’m gonna have to hold off on AirMail until the developers finally fix the crash issues.

For now, I use Spark to get me notifications and sometimes I’ll process the inbox there.

But I’ll work from the Mail app most of the time.