Trello users?

Trello users?

(Avrum Nadigel) #1

Something about Things, Omnifocus… I just can’t get wrap my head around the gestalt of all that’s going on in my life. More specifically, what I’m MOST committed to doing seems to get lost in all of these project/task management apps. I think Trello might fit the bill. I’m thinking about three columns:

  1. Backlog
  2. Current System (Borrowed from Scott Adam’s terminology)
  3. Done

Anyone else using Trello as their 1-stop shop software? Would love to hear how you’re using it.

(Wilson Ng) #2

I’d love to see a Trello workflow myself. There’s another app called FireTask that seems to have some kind of Trello board styled interface too.

I downloaded a trial demo a year ago. Seemed nice enough. But I’m firmly ensconced in the OmniFocus ecosystem.

I think I’ll be using Trello when I need to work in a collaborative environment once again.

I know that Trello has a free sign-up. Have you tried it yourself?

There are quite a few Trello tutorials to try on YouTube.

ScreenCasts Online has a 44 minute tutorial here.