This Wordpress theme is killing me! Should I learn how to code:

This Wordpress theme is killing me! Should I learn how to code:

(Joshua) #1

I am spent hours trying to figure out how to do the simplest of things. I just want to change the text size and font style (bold italic) to the title leaders, to the menu items, to the words in my individual post (so far just one). But I can’t.

(Joshua) #2

Sorry, I accidentally posted this too soon. You’ll see there that the font size is 5px…I did not write this code. I only copy and pasted from a CSS tutorial. I was testing it out to see what it would do.

(Joshua) #3

I tried to change the numbers inside typed stuff “Roboto…” But that just changed it back to default.
Here is what my page looks like. I can’t do anything to it. Only what I see when I hit “edit” and have available for each font.

(Rosemary Orchard) #4

You should try making a child theme and setting the customisation there - this means it won’t be overwritten by updates to the theme. You’re looking at CSS here which is markup, not code :slight_smile:

(Joe Buhlig) #5

Can you share a link to the site? What I’m seeing looks like the CSS formatting might be off.

(Joshua) #6 Much appreciation

(Joshua) #7

Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve been checking it out.

(Joe Buhlig) #8

Did you figure this out? I just glanced at it and it seems like the styles you’re trying to add are coming through.

(Joshua) #9

yeah, thanks for looking. It took me awhile, but I got it going.