The Real Inbox Zero

The Real Inbox Zero

(Joe Buhlig) #1

As I mentioned here, I’m getting started in video. And first up are my thoughts on Inbox Zero. I don’t think it’s just about having an empty inbox. It’s more than that.


Inbox Zero Talk by Merlin Mann


Hi Joe,

In the UK the video doesn’t play.

we get an error message saying “Sorry Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here.”

Is this intentional?

(Joe Buhlig) #3

It’s not intentional.

Looking into it, there are a couple potential issues. One, some ad blockers prevent vimeo from playing videos so take a look there. Also, there was a bug on iOS that was preventing them as well, but the fix was pushed a couple weeks ago with 9.3.2. There are also a handful of browser extensions that conflict.


Thanks for the pointer - Privacy Badger was the culprit. Video worked when cookies from vimeo were allowed.