The OmniFocus 3 for Mac sneak peek

The OmniFocus 3 for Mac sneak peek

(Wilson Ng) #1

Take a guided tour with @rosemary as she brings you a sneak peek into OmniFocus 3. She shows comparison screen shots between OmniFocus 2 and OmniFocus 3. This preview will give you an idea of some of the changes coming your way.

More invitation emails are scheduled very soon.

(Ed M) #2

Nice UI updates in OF3. What are the significant feature updates?

(Wilson Ng) #3
  • new repeating features such as 2nd Tuesday of the month or last weekday of the month.
  • advanced filter settings which used AND/OR/EITHER logic.

Future significant updates that will be coming after version 3.0 will include

  • nagging reminders
  • OmniJS scripting language that can be used on both iOS and Mac platforms.
  • simple collaboration features - share a task with another OmniFocus user.
  • OmniFocus for the Web - a companion feature to OF3 for iOS and OF3 for Mac.

Most of the work done in version 3.0 has been under the hood. A lot of new foundation that will support new features that will be implemented in the future.