The OmniFocus 3 for iOS TestFlight preview

The OmniFocus 3 for iOS TestFlight preview

(Dorian Owens) #65

Is there any way to default it to Remaining, or Everything?? If OmniGroup were to allow for that feature to be toggled in the Preferences area of both the iOS and Mac apps, that could help a LOT of people from a productivity standpoint.


There isn’t anything in settings to do this, but I’ll write in to ask for that (as I think it would help me get more use out of search as well).


I just emailed a feature request for it as well. I asked for a setting a user could set their preferred search.

(Dorian Owens) #68

Ok good deal!! Hopefully OmniGroup will implement such a feature by 3.0. Now, if they can deal with allowing a user to more freely arrange tasks however way they want within the Forecast View, that would be awesome!!!

Quick thought: Currently, the way that I am getting the most effective use out of OmniFocus is by setting EITHER a Due Date OR a Defer Date to a task. All my scheduled, or “Due” tasks are arranged in my Scheduled Perspective, while all other tasks are arranged in other Custom Perspectives by Defer Date.

So, my question is this: In OmniFocus 3, within the Forecast View, can you move Deferred, Due Tasks and Calendar items freely around there, or no? I’m asking because I still don’t see an effective way of creating a Today View within OmniFocus… If there was a Preference installed within the Forecast View of, say, “Free Arrangement of All Items within Dates,” that would GREATLY allow people to “live” within the Forecast View to get things done on a daily basis… And, with the design of Forecast being so well done, you can easily look further down to other dates, and arrange those items the way you want them as well… Ohhhh, if OmniFocus could do this, that would help a great deal!!!..

(Wilson Ng) #69

I"m OK with ‘Here’ because I’m already in a perspective and I want to search inside that perspective. But I can see how defaulting to everything would help in other views.

The advanced perspective filters are coming. They are being worked on right now. There has been a lot of progress made in that area.

You don’t have to put a defer date on everything. It just becomes available when needed. There is an Omni Show podcast that talks about the new inspector panel that allows you to customize the inspector. You can hide the defer date field (or any other field) if you don’t use it.

Check them here:

The March 28, 2018 show and the April 25, 2018 show is OmniFocus 3 oriented and will answer many of your questions.

In the Forecast, you can choose one tag to be the forecast tag. This will force any task with that tag to show up in the forecast. Now that there are multiple tags, you can put this forecast tag on any task now.

The Forecast view revolves around the idea of dates and times. The defer and due dates are how you assign tasks to show up in the forecast. I have other views that aren’t specifically based on defer and due dates.

I don’t get the feeling that everything in OmniFocus evolves around defer and due dates. Maybe it’s my workflow that doesn’t focus so much on that when it comes to projects? I know I need the defer and due dates for my routine chores. My “take the trash bin to the curb” task is deferred to Wednesday night. I don’t have to see this task until Wednesday night.

You can create custom perspectives that are based around Defer dates. The ability to use defers is already available.

I think there is some re-ordering of tasks inside the Tags/Cotnexts perspective. They’ll be looking at ways to expand re-ordering to custom perspectives and the Forecast perspective. Things like this sounds so simple but can have large ramifications throughout the app. It can’t be just slapped on without thinking about the consequences that aren’t very obvious at first glance.

Check out the Omni Show podcast. It’s an interesting listen as they discuss about the progress made. They did say that there about 1,000 TestFlight users and they’ll be doubling it very soon to 2,000 TestFlight users.


No Defer or Due date resonated with me so much after reading this paragraph. I’ve always just assumed to put a Defer date, most likely due to rigidly sticking to GTD. Now with custom perspectives, especially the None of the following and Has Defer date conditions, I can now create perspectives that are more like checklists for any time I have time to get one-offs done. I usually keep checklists that aren’t time required in Reminders, but now I can finally keep everything in OF.

Thanks @wilsonng

(Wilson Ng) #71

Mark September 24 on your calendar!

OmniFocus Version 3.0 for Mac will finally arrive. Remember, this is just the beginning. Version 3.1+ will have more features added. OmniJS (Omni’s implementation of Javascript) for automation, task-sharing with other OF3 users, and other features will be coming soon.

OmniFocus for the Web will also be coming with a basic set of features. This will lay the groundwork for other possible features for those who want to use the web version. OmniFocus for Web is a supplementary paid-for service for OmniFocus users who need to access their OF3 database from a non-Apple device. Supports most desktop PC web browsers. No support for smaller screens such as tablets and non-iOS smartphones.

OmniFocus 3.1 for iOS will include support for iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts. Available on September 17.