The Now Habit

The Now Habit
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(John Johnson) #1

I just finished Neil Fiore’s excellent book The Now Habit. I bought the Kindle book with narration so I could follow along.
Rather than a “stick” mentality (that is, forcing yourself to do things and inventing novel ways to do so), or a “carrot” mentality (do this thing and get a prize), he first discusses the causes of procrastination, then ways to deal with those causes. Rather than trying to treat the symptom, which is procrastination, he proposes ways to deal with the underlying causes of procrastination.
Highly recommended.

(Justin DiRose) #2

This is really good! I just wrote a post that’ll come out soon that deals with a similar topic from a similar approach. So important to deal with the root cause vs. the symptom.


See ‘Immunity to change’ MOOC. It deals with why you do no really want to do some tasks: They collide with some basic values or fears of your own. You may not even know it.

(John Johnson) #4

Thanks for the recommendation. It looks like the course is not open now, but I might try their book by the same name. I’m going to try the things I learned from The Now Habit for a while, before jumping into another book.

(John Johnson) #5

I see now that people are using the name of the book as the title of their post, which completely makes sense.
I see the pencil icon, but I’m unable to edit the title of the thread.

(Justin DiRose) #6

Edited for you :slight_smile:

(John Johnson) #7

Gracias! Happy New Year!