Task Manager Crisis: How do I do a timely Weekly Review in 2Do?

Task Manager Crisis: How do I do a timely Weekly Review in 2Do?

(Brady) #1

So I left Omnifocus a month ago for 2Do and I did a clean break - I’ve gradually re-populated my tasks as needed (have about 170 or so in there, some in projects and some not, and about 5 checklists so far) and overall I’m pretty happy with my choice.

As I’m sure a few people have experienced here, it’s a bummer not to have a built-in Weekly Review function. I’m wondering what people do instead to get the weekly review done.

I heard the Asian Efficiency Mike Schmitz/Mat Rhein discussion about making a Smart List of just the in-progress projects, but I have a lot of stuff not in projects I’d like to review.

What’s everyone else in 2Do-land doing?

(Wilson Ng) #2

While using 2Do, I learned to use the calendar app or the Due app on my iPhone to remind myself to do the reviews. If a function didn’t exist in the app itself, I find another app that can co-exist. Ideal? No really. But as long as I can find something to plug the hole, I’m OK.

Any projects or checklists that have a lot of change in them (adding, deleting tasks, constant environmental changes) will get a shorter review process because I need to review a project or list on a more continuing basis.

Someday/Maybe projects will get a monthly visit to be reviewed. You might feel more comfortable with doing it once a week or every 2 weeks. I use a monthly checkup because most of these projects don’t require action yet. But I can visit them once a month to see if I need to start something up in the next month.

Most of my active projects will be reviewed weekly.

I think Mat Rhein mentioned using the start date as a way to review. Then defer it again to another future date for a future review.

(Joe Buhlig) #3

You could use OmniFocus to manage your reviews in 2Do! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can’t say I’ve spent enough time with 2Do to make a good recommendation. But what I’d be looking to do is have a repeating checklist somehow that steps me through it and then schedule time to complete that checklist. You could keep it in Evernote, Apple Notes, a text file, or really anywhere that let’s check/uncheck boxes in some way.

Do let us know if you figure out a way that works for you.

(Wilson Ng) #4

It’s ben a while since I’ve played with 2Do. That might just work. Create a checklist with repeating tasks.

[ ] Review project 1 [repeat every 3 days]
[ ] Review project 2 [repeat on the 1st of each month]
[ ] Review project 3 [repeat every Monday]

When you check off a repeating task, it will create a new instance with the next review cycle. But I tend to use a calendar because it is essentially an appointment to me.

(Brady) #5

Thanks Wilson & Joe -
My issue is that there’s not a little coffee cup icon that allows me to file down the list of all my tasks and confirm their status or change them - like in Omnifocus.

I think my recourse for now will just be to go into the “All” view in 2Do and just go down the list making a mental note of my position.

We’ll see how that goes.

(Joe Buhlig) #6

Ah! Got it. You’re after the “next review date” function on your projects? Was it your normal to review a handful of projects every day as opposed to doing them all at once? And is that your preference?

(Josh Rensch) #7

I was wondering if you could put a task in each project you create called “Review xxx project” and have it repeat weekly? Make it the same format so then you could do a search in 2Do. I figure they’ve got a searching function in the app.

Would that work?

(Wilson Ng) #8

The review function is probably the single feature that kept me in OmniFocus.

The closest I came was to create the checklist I described above. I know I didn’t review a task if the task still remains in my review checklist.

The [quote=“bradyjmoore, post:5, topic:1151”]
go into the “All” view in 2Do and just go down the list making a mental note of my position.

I couldn’t do it this way. If I see a huge list of projects to view, I’m tempted to t up to get ahead of myself and review everything instead of stopping and mentally noting where I am. Then the review process takes longer. Not all projects need to be reviewed as much. Active projects will be reviewed more frequently than most of my Someday/maybe projects. Projects and checklists that have a lot of changes will reviewed more frequently than projects that stay static.

For example, the “Complete 1040 taxes” project will get reviewed once a year. But my honey-do list gets reviewed every day.

(Jeremy Wells, EA) #9

I use Todoist, but I think the strategy implementation would be similar. I keep a “review” project and keep recurring tasks (assigned to myself every Friday; if I don’t get to them, I can defer them later in the weekend).

I also have daily reviews for inboxes and more frequent things.

(Joe Buhlig) #10

I do this even in OmniFocus. The Review perspective is nice but there’s a lot more to a Weekly Review than just going through the projects themselves. Going through my calendar, doing a brain dump, setting up projects for the next week, and on it goes.

(Brady) #11

Josh- that’s a good incremental approach I think. I’ll try it that way this week

(Joe Buhlig) #12

If I remember correctly, @mat_rhein is a big 2Do person. Mat, do you have any tips on doing reviews in 2Do?

(Wilson Ng) #13

I vaguely remember him saying that he misses some of the OmniFocus features such as review. He might just revisit OmniFocus at the end of the year when a promised update brings batch editing, multiple tags/contexts, and a few other feature requests. This appears to be a common sentiment among users who left OmniFocus for something else. They’ll check back in a few months and see if they can return.

iOS 11 and the recent OmniFocus for iOS update has definitely been a great improvement with drag and drop. I can’t believe I got excited over something as mundane as drag and drop :roll_eyes:. But is sure is nice to be able to nest tasks easily and drag and drop text from one app to another with split screen mode.

(Mat) #14

@wilsonng, as most of the time, you had the right impression of the situation.
Review has always been a struggle for me, I have a strange resistance to overcome. Therefore, I never really established a routine for it, neither in Omnifocus (which supports you with the right tools to decramp your reviews, but needs maintenance as well for it to shine), 2do, or my current daily driver, Things 3.
Like David Allen is hinting at in „Getting Things Done“, the habit aof reviewing is independent of the tool with which you master it, but the act itself is indispensible for keeping lists actual and therefore relevant. No way around that.

(Mat) #15

Two tips from my time with 2do:

  • Since your accomplished tasks are recorded as done in BusyCal /Fantastical along with the events of the respective day, it is super-easy to simply use one interface, the Calendar for documentation of the week. I would start with this
  • Make three smart lists: One containing all due items for a dynamic time range of your choice. One showing all items according to priority. Finally one that is showing you all tasks without a priority and due or start date. The first two views are for keeping a heads-up on the urgent and important stuff, the last one is for having all tasks in view that are not in view, in order to avoid losing track.
    Hope that helps!