Switch OF Tabs using Keyboard Maestro?

Switch OF Tabs using Keyboard Maestro?

(Justin DiRose) #1

Hey folks,

I often work on my laptop, meaning it’s inconvenient to have multiple windows of OmniFocus open most days. I like to work in tabs, but OmniFocus doesn’t have a keyboard shortcut to switch tabs (that I’m aware of), which greatly frustrates me.

A quick bit of research has yielded no help otherwise.

So, my questions:

  1. Can you use Keyboard Maestro to do this?
  2. Are there any scripts you’re aware of that do this?
  3. Or if not, what’s the best place to start? (I’m guessing AppleScript, but I’m extremely inexperienced at that)

(Rosemary Orchard) #2

Have you tried ctrl+tab? That works in most applications I find (though I’m not at my Mac right now so can’t check).

Other than that, Keyboard Maestro should be able to do something!

(Justin DiRose) #3

Yeah unfortunately this doesn’t work (at least on my machine)!

(Wilson Ng) #4

In the Windows menu, there is menu item for “Show Previous Tab” and “Show Next Tab”.

You could set a KM macro and assign a hotkey to it.

Or go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts and assign an OmniFocus application shortcut for those two menu items.

(Ed M) #5

Ditto what @wilsonng said. The ^⇥ command never worked for me in OF and so I assigned that keystroke for Show Next Tab in System Preferences, and it’s opposite ⇧^⇥ for Show Previous Tab. Keeps the macOS standard in place (per @rosemary) and ensures it works in OF.

(Perhaps the lack of the shortcut is maybe a minor miss by OmniGroup – the standard Xcode menu creation will add the commands and shortcuts to the Windows menu.)

(Justin DiRose) #6


I can’t believe I didn’t think of that.

Here are the scripts if anyone wants 'em!

OmniFocus Macros.kmlibrary (4.0 KB)