Stepping Away From the Guild and a New Owner

Stepping Away From the Guild and a New Owner

(Joe Buhlig) #1

Not everyone may be aware of this (you’d have to follow Bookworm), but I’ve been dealing with Lyme Disease for the last two months. There’s quite a story that comes with it, but for now, suffice it to say that I’ve been exhausted and struggling to keep up with ProCourse, let alone the Guild.

And lately, my symptoms with Lyme have a couple of my doctors concerned about chronic stress and depression. Both of which are nothing to joke about. So I’m doing my best to follow their advice and off-load as much as I can. That’s a painful process for me, but at the same time, it means I’m spending more time with friends and family than building systems and relationships on screens. So there is a silver lining.

One of the steps I took to determine what I should do involved a whiteboard and three hours of honest conversation with myself. I had to list out all the websites and ventures to which I have committed and decide what should stay and what should go. I also realized in the process that as I remove engagements I need to remove them one-at-a-time and re-evaluate how I’m feeling as I go.

Unfortunately, I realized that the Guild was close to the top of my list of things to let go, which is painful for me to write. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the brainstorming and ideas that this community has given me. You folks are awesome. :heart:

At the same time, I don’t want to the Guild to disappear entirely. I truly believe this community can thrive after I’ve gone. But what it really needs is someone to take over who understands productivity and can see how to help this group of people help each other.

I thought about reaching out to a number of friends who already run existing websites in the space, but when I considered their businesses and how the Guild would fit in, I realized that was a bad move. Instead, what it needs is someone who is right on the brink of building an online business who can use the Guild as a way to jumpstart their online presence. But they also need to have an understanding of how this space works. It’s too easy to take over a site and immediately throw ads on it to monetize it and start pulling away from the site as opposed to contributing to it.

That’s when it dawned on me that we have someone right in the midst of the Guild who would be perfect for this. Someone who has already been contributing, loves the Guild, and is now branching out on his own. Of course, I’m referring to my dear friend, @justindirose.

I sent Justin a message last week about what I’ve been dealing with and my decision to let the Guild go. And after careful consideration, he agreed to take over ownership and leadership of the Guild. He’s shared some of his ideas for the future of the Guild with me and I have to admit that I’m a little jealous. I wish I had the time and energy for the Guild that he shows. I’m thrilled to be able to hand off this site to someone so perfectly suited for it.

All of that said, there are some logistical things that need to change. I’ve removed the commenting category for my blog and archive the Whims discussions. The comments will now live at

The existing Working With OmniFocus and Working With Ideas will remain on the Guild.

Current Pro memberships will continue operating as they are for the time being, but members will eventually need to sign up again on an updated membership system yet to be built.

My active involvement (not that it has been great lately) on the Guild will need to drop off for a while. It’s very likely that I’ll still participate in conversations in the future, but for now, I have to step away.

My hope is that you’ll welcome Justin wholeheartedly and show him the same love as you have me. And again, thank you for being such a wonderful community. :heart_eyes: :love_you_gesture:

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(Justin DiRose) #2

I wanted to briefly piggy back on what @joebuhlig mentioned here. While I’m sad to see Joe go, I am thrilled for the opportunity to lead the Guild! This place has been a great example of friendly, thoughtful community, and I hope only to increase this going forward. I plan to have another post out within a week or so outlining my vision for what I’d like the Guild to be, and I’m glad we can journey together!

(Jeremy Wells, EA) #3

Thanks @JoeBuhlig for sharing and @JustinDiRose for stepping up.

(Rosemary Orchard) #4

I hope your recovery goes well Joe - you and your health must come first!

I look forward to seeing what @justindirose does here :slight_smile:

(Avrum Nadigel) #5

I’m new in this space, but have enjoyed reading your thoughts (and struggles) with productivity ideas and tools. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Welcome @justindirose

(dguerin) #6

Sorry to,hear that … thanks for what you created … take care of yourself and hope to see you still contribute


(Jeff Drew) #7


I am sorry to hear of your health challenge, Lyme disease! In Wisconsin, we are at extraordinary occurrences of this, and a few of my local friends are suffering from it as well. Stay positive and face each day as best news ever! They stack up! My friends are recovering gradually, and there is good science attacking this disease!

In other news, my entire 2018, so far, has been solidly into personal health education and a personal battle with high risk, prostatic cancer! So much to learn and deal with…followed by life changing choices! I just finished radiation treatments (28) and have another 18 months of androgen deprivation therapy. I am physically recovering daily and will have hourly hot flashes forever, it seems. My wife shares a humorous wit by observing menopausal comments and related challenges! It’s still better than catheters + bags, imo! All guys over 40, get your PSA checked annually! Don’t be a slacker, like me! Lol! 2019 will rock, imo!

Hang in there and best wishes, Joe!

Jeff D

(Michael Porter) #8

Hope you are better soon. I Got Lyme in the mid 90’s, not much was known then. I sometimes wonder if I still have traces of it. I pray you get past it.

(Newton Mota) #9

@joebuhlig Thanks for everything you built here! I only can imagine how hard must be for you leave such a dream… But it’s to take care of yourself! That’s the most important thing now! Thanks again! I will pray for you!

Get better!

(Ed M) #10

I’m new here and have enjoyed what I’ve seen and read from @joebuhlig and @justindirose, so while I hate to see @joebuhlig’s role diminish (and hope he overcomes the health challenges very soon :sunny:), the continuity plan seems great and I look forward to you. All the best, Joe.

(Tyler Weitzman) #11

Joe, wishing you health and best wishes. Thanks for all your work building this community.

Justin, looking forward to what’s next

(Wilson Ng) #12

Good luck, Joe! Please pop in every once in a while and say hello!

Thanks for the start of the Guild and it’s in good hands with @justindirose.

I’m looking forward to seeing everybody contribute in any way, shape, or form to a growing community. Together, we can build something special here. I’m pitching in my 2 cents and watching it grow!

(Avrum Nadigel) #13

Wilsonng - i always enjoy reading your posts. So keep on posting, and I’ll hang around :slight_smile:

(Wilson Ng) #14

Thanks. I’m not doing anything magical. Just talking (posting) out loud.

I started out with a two paragraph exposition on Discourse and it eventually led me to writing something/anything here on the Guild.

I hope everyone can put in their 2 cents and post up something for all of us to enjoy!


Joe-- Hang in there on the Lyme disease. I have had some friends go through it and come out fine on the other end. I think you’re taking the right steps to get there, too. Best-- Denis

(zack0816) #16

Since the day we first became Twitter friends, that lead to becoming podcast friends, I’ve always appreciated how genuine you are. Thank you. The internet needs more of that.

I wish you the best in your recovery and anything else that you do.