Startup and Shutdown Your Workday in OmniFocus

Startup and Shutdown Your Workday in OmniFocus

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Have you ever noticed when you sit down to work that it’s hard to actually start work right away? Or have you found when you are done at the end of the day part of your brain is still thinking about work? Our minds need space to transition, but often we neglect to give ourselves…

(Jesús Bédmar) #2

Me ha parecido un artículo genial.

Lo que no haría por aquello de que la base de datos no crezca con proyectos realizados sin parar, sería simplemente hacer un checklist.
Desconozco si ira bien Omnifocus, con miles de proyectos, e información en su b.d.
Enhorabuena, buen trabajo.

(Alex T) #3

Blockquote Desconozco si ira bien Omnifocus, con miles de proyectos, e información en su b.d

Absolutamente lo hace. Lo he usado durante 10 años.

Omni prides themselves on the quality of their products and engineering: At one time I had a pretty insane Omnifocus database, as I thought it could be an “Evernote” type application. The program remained stable and the database resilient.

I’m equally concerned about “database corruption,” thankfully the blackbox/proprietary ones are falling out of fashion.

(Wilson Ng) #4

I tried to keep the daily review routine in OmniFocus but I felt that it polluted my perspectives.

So I moved them outside of OmniFocus and into an outline document.

I also created a floating palette with my shutdown routine in Keyboard Maestro here:

This post is available for Pro members:

Most of my daily work is done in the shutdown routine to prepare me for tomorrow. My morning routine is also very light and consists mostly of reviewing any new inbox items that may come in.

The Startup and Shutdown routine is a great way to automate our lives. I hope everyone has found this article helpful!

(Nostranius) #5


is there a way to provide the shortcuts you use as a download? I’m very interested in this shortcut, but have no idea how to create such a shortcut.

(Brad Wright) #6

I’ve also done this, linking out to a Bear document. Really helps clear the “completed” perspective too as there aren’t 7 done tasks in there every day (+ whatever else I complete)

(Wilson Ng) #7

That hits the nail right on the head. It feels like a hollow victory to see my completed tasks include routine tasks. I may as well throw in waking up, brushing my teeth, preparing coffee, and other mundane tasks. I don’t want my task manager archive to include these types of tasks.

(Wilson Ng) #8

Are you asking about @justindirose’s Siri shortcuts?

(Justin DiRose) #9

Sure! I have a whole video on our Pro side releasing next week about it (if you want to learn more of how it works), but here’s the link to the shortcut.

You’ll also need the Moodnotes shortcut created by @bobbleheadjoe if you want to use that piece with Day One.

Check-in Shortcut