So Things 3 looks sort of nice... (help!)

So Things 3 looks sort of nice... (help!)

(Wilson Ng) #42

It’s good to see healthy competition. With the introduction of MacOS Mojave earlier, these apps get an update:

  • Things 3 comes out with Dark Mode.
  • OmniFocus 3 for Mac is officially released.

You can’t go wrong with either of these apps. There is a different emphasis with both apps with neither one being the loser.

I like dark mode in some apps but not all apps. I’ll have to play with dark mode for a little while longer to see I really take to it.

(Michael Wilson) #43

I used Things when I started as a pastor. The fact that you cannot (even still) do repeated tasks early is a deal breaker for me. Tags and awesome repeats make Omnifocus 3 unbeatable

(Rachel Stratemeier) #44

This was also the deal breaker for me with Things. I have lots of routines in OF that reoccur based on the date of completion, and often I complete those tasks ahead of time as I find room to fit them in my schedule. For example, if my dogs get groomed once a month, sometimes it might work better to take them to the groomers after 28 days instead of 30. Not being able to mark that in my task manager is a non-starter.

(Justin DiRose) #45

You describe one of the main points I found with Things as well. I didn’t like how restrictive recurrence is vs. OF.

(Chris Sivills) #46

Recurring tasks is not easy with Things. In addition, no matter how much I want to love the application, it cannot handle all the tasks I throw at it like Omfifocus.

(Wilson Ng) #47

It sounds like a no-brainer that this will be corrected in Things eventually. But then again, it did take a looooonnngggg time to get multiple tags into OmniFocus.


Yea. They continue to post on Twitter that they’re working on it.

Honestly my workaround has been to just set the start date as early as I’d like to work on it and then set the deadline on the last day I can do it. Then I can easily move it to another day or check it off early if I have time to do it. Hasn’t been that much of an issue for me.

(Michael Wilson) #49

Recently I heard Tim Stringer call Omnifocus the most customizable task manager out there, and hearing that, I thought, “that’s it”. OF is whatever you want it to be and it does it well.

(Wilson Ng) #50

Yes, I agree that OF is the most customizable. But some users are happy with having an app with a well defined structure and workflow and don’t want to tinker under the engine. Tinkering under the engine may not be fun for some users but once you get something down right, it’s pretty awesome!

My OF workflow underwent a lot of changes in the last ten years. But I’m pretty happy with what I’ve got now. Getting to this point was an interesting journey itself.