ProtonMail app - maximum security

ProtonMail app - maximum security
(Ja'acov Goldberg ) #1

Any truth to max security?

(Justin DiRose) #2

ProtonMail is the choice if you need end-to-end encryption and privacy. That being said, you do have to email to others capable of handling end-to-end encryption on messages to get the full benefit. So yes, I’d say that’s true, but only in those certain circumstances.

(Ja'acov Goldberg ) #3

Thank you & what are your thoughts on Spike rmail?

(Wilson Ng) #4

Security is a cat-and-mouse game. The mouse outsmarts the cat. The cat figures out a better way to catch the mouse. The mouse figures out how to escape. The cycle goes on.

Hopefully ProtonMail has enough customers to keep it funding for its survival and future development. I wouldn’t trust anything if it is free. There’s always a price for everything.

(Ja'acov Goldberg ) #5

What email would suggest?

(Wilson Ng) #6

I don’t know. I wish I knew. But Proton does seem to be the darling right now. Switzerland’s reputation as a privacy haven makes it a good candidate. As long as you have two people using ProtonMail or asking an outside email user to read your email on the Protonmail site, I think it’s good?

There is a review of some other secure email providers.

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(Justin DiRose) #7

I’ve been a fan of FastMail. It’s not as secure as ProtonMail but it’s run out of Australia and seems to be pretty privacy conscious.

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(Ja'acov Goldberg ) #8

Hi Justin: Any thoughts on Spike email & Canary email? please let me know & hope you are having a successful week. :slight_smile:

(Justin DiRose) #9

I’m not familiar with Spike but in a brief glance at their privacy policy:

To share Personal Data within our affiliates and subsidiaries for internal administrative purposes.

They don’t have a problem sharing your data.

As far as Canary, I don’t have personal experience with it but I’ve heard good things.

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(James R) #10

Is this the same company that provides vpn?

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(Justin DiRose) #11

Yes, it’s the same company that does ProtonVPN.