Pocket Casts 7.0: Best Podcast App for Productivity

Pocket Casts 7.0: Best Podcast App for Productivity

(Chris Lahn) #1

Hello, fellow productivity aficionados!

I am curious what podcast apps everyone uses around here. I really like using podcasts as one of my main methods for research and learning. I especially like them for making productive use of my time in my car.

A few years back, after realizing I wanted to be able to listen to my podcasts at a higher speed, my productivity mindset made me look into all the podcast app options that were out there since the apple podcast app did not have variable speed at the time. After trying out a few podcasts options I ended up settling on Pocket Casts.

I hear a lot of people in the apple community really like the Overcast app too. I have tried it myself and do think it is very good app in many respects. However, I just find some little details that Pocket Casts offers work better for me and make me more productive in consuming my podcasts. Here are a few in particular:

  • I can search new my new release list across all my subscribed episodes more efficiently.
  • I can flag important episodes using the star label.
  • I can more efficiently add episodes to my up next queue.

Now, Pocket Casts has just released a new update which is a pretty major overhaul of the UI and added some great new features. Some of my favorites are:

  • New siri shortcut integrations!
  • Desktop app syncs up next playlist with mobile app
  • Swipe functions have made adding episodes to up next list even quicker.

I am very curious to know what Pocket Casts’ future holds. They were acquired by NPR back in May in 2018. While this raised some initial concerns with some fans, Pocket Casts creator assured his community that this will simply allow him to take the app to next level. I think this new update is definitely a sign that the app is, in fact, moving in the right direction.

(Justin DiRose) #2

I was a little concerned about the future of Pocket Casts after their acquisition but I’m glad to see they are still in active development.

I’m personally an Overcast fan. The design and user experience of the app simply jives with me. However, I’ll be honest, my podcast listing is very limited these days. I have 6 podcasts I subscribe to, and I maybe listen once a week. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(Wilson Ng) #3

I’ve also been vainly trying to reduce the number of podcasts that I listen to. There’s just so many great podcasts to listen to. But my time is shared with my family, work, and community activities.

Perhaps you can create a new post about some of your favorite podcasts that might interest the Guild members? Thanks!

Favorite Productivity Podcasts

I use Overcast. I like the UI, the speed boost, the vocal boost, and the way Arment shows not only the Chapter information, but also has a countdown bar so you know how much time is left in the chapter. (When utilized by the podcaster.)

I tried Castro for a little while, but the operational workflow was too cumbersome to me. If you’re not familiar with Castro, the app takes all your subscribed and unplayed episodes and places them into an Inbox. They remain in the cloud while in the Inbox. You then move them to a “Playlist Queue” when you decide when/if you want to listen to that episode. At that point the app will download the file. I didn’t like having to move them from an Inbox to a playlist in order to download for later.

(Chris Lahn) #5

That is a great idea @wilsonng . While I do listen to a lot of podcasts, now that I think of it, a lot of the productivity specific tips are things that I pick up tangentially from other podcast genres. I would be interested to see if there are any other productivity specific podcasts out there that I am unaware of!