Paralyzed by procrastination

Paralyzed by procrastination
(Wilson Ng) #1

I’m late in coming up with a post for the Guild. I recently had a couple of projects that I had to work on and it was driving me bonkers. They weren’t anything I like doing but it fell upon me to do it because I was the “appropriate” person tasked to do it. I think it was because no one else wanted to do it and I got fed up with everyone passing the buck.

But it became an interesting experiment in procrastination for the last 4 weeks. And lemme tell you… It was a raging dumpster fire!


I built up so much resistance to doing it. I waffled. I looked for walk-in customers to engage with. I saw a bunch of interesting blooper videos…

I worked on a bunch of maintenance tasks and other tasks. I knew my MIT (Most Important Task) was on my desk but I just didn’t feel like it. A thousand monkeys could be banging outside my window and I wouldn’t pay attention to them.

I guess I’ll have to start looking into procrastination as something to work on. Some techniques that I’m supposed to engage in are:

  • Eat that frog! Put the folder front and center on my desk at the end of the day. This should be the first thing I should be doing.
  • Run away and put away all of my iPads and iPhone away. Silence all notifications. Run away to a nearby coffee shop. Just get my @$$ in gear and do it!
  • Realize and understand my fears. Identify the fears. Breathe deep for one minute and then get to work on that MIT!
  • Delegate it to someone else who has the actual skills and more time available to do it.
  • Renegotiate this project. Is it something that should actually be done? Try to root out the reasons and goals for doing this project and ask the boss if it is really worth my time?
  • Create a journal and document the journey. Record the obstacles and look for possible solutions to answer the call of duty.
  • Look for tools and/or skills that can help me tackle the monster project.
  • Break down the project into the smallest next actions as needed. Rewrite the very next action into a simple command that feels easy to commit too. Sometimes it’s simple steps that can accumulate and lead to progress towards the mission objective.
  • Time block my day and reserve it for that frog. Respect that time block as if I were going to a court date or dental appointment.

I’m still working on this part of my life. Procrastination has reared its ugly head and I still struggle under the weight of fear and procrastination. I’m petrified but I think I’ll manage…

(BrianP) #2

Great post, @wilsonng.

(Wilson Ng) #3

Thanks. It was a spur-of-the-moment confession. Failing at working on my frogs or MITs and knowing that I should do it but deciding to say screw it all and ignore my better judgement.

That’s life. Documenting it helps me to go through this journey one step at a time and work on improving it.

(Justin DiRose) #4

Sometimes procrastination is you telling yourself you need something (like rest). I’ve been learning to treat it like a dashboard light — use it as a sign something might be wrong, figure out what it is, and deal with it.

You’ve had a lot going on lately @wilsonng. Just remember don’t beat yourself up for not being perfectly productive. Did your world burn down not doing those things? If not, great! That means you procrastinated on the right things at least :stuck_out_tongue:

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(John Johnson) #5

Neil Fiore’s The Now Habit is very helpful.