Overcoming the Challenges of Remote Work

Overcoming the Challenges of Remote Work
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Remote work is a fairly new phenomenon that’s rapidly changing the work world. We have companies like Doist, Discourse, and many others who are building 100% remote companies. Not only that, but we have more companies who are letting their employees work from home, and many self-employed people now work remotely.

Being “out of the office” introduces a number of differences from regular office work, from how days are structured, conversations are had with coworkers, and emotional health is maintained.

If you’re a remote worker in any capacity, I’m interested to know:

  • What’s the #1 challenge you’ve faced working remotely?
  • How are you working to overcome that?
  • Can we help you in any way through that process?

Reply below!

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Great topic!

I work from home once a week and occasionally twice if it’s helpful for some reason. In the past I worked for myself and mostly worked from home - I thought I preferred that but it turns out I don’t. I like being in an office with people most of the time and only working from home a bit.

I don’t have problems with getting work done or motivating myself when I work from home, which I find people always assume is the case if they don’t do any homeworking themselves. Oh, you must find it hard to get anything done. Not so much actually.

My actual challenges are:

Getting really hyper-focused and finding it hard to take time out. I don’t really understand how this happens. In the office I’ll take five or ten minutes here or there to make the tea round or something else that gets me away from my desk, I can find the time and I often come back having done some background thinking on whatever I’m working on.

At home, time somehow goes faster and it’s weirdly difficult to take time away. I’ll want to get up and do something, and I just… won’t.

Accessing my stuff without friction. I don’t want to carry paper notebooks backwards and forwards, or be unable to work because I was off sick the day before my remote work day and couldn’t bring home my notebook.

At the moment my approach is to use a digital task manager and - because I do need/want to use paper for various things - have notebooks at work and home. Ideally I process all notes before finishing work for the day so I can just pick up any notebook next time I need one.

My next best solution is to photograph any unprocessed pages just in case I need them. I worry a lot about needing something I’ve left in the office (and wouldn’t want anyone else going through my stuff to send it to me).

I wish there was a paper notebook that synced to the cloud - if only!

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This is my NUMBER ONE challenge working from home. I sit down to work, then I… work. And work. And work. I find it harder to take breaks at home than at the office.

Are you finding anything that’s working for you to take a break when working from home?

Yeah this is a tough one to solve when you’re working technically from two offices. Digital is definitely better in this regard. I used to wrestle with this too, and finally had to land on digital.

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Would the LiveScribe pen work for you?



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Not yet. I haven’t quite figured out why I can’t do it! Definitely one to work on.

The pen is a cool idea but I would need two to solve my problem. I should have said I need two notebooks to sync to one cloud :rofl:

Thanks for the reminder that they exist though, I knew about them and had forgotten! It’s on my wish list for sure.

Edit: actually that would probably be easier to carry around than a notebook. It’s a great idea - maybe one day when I have the cash spare…

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