Outlook, Calendars, Tasks, Fantastical, HELP!

Outlook, Calendars, Tasks, Fantastical, HELP!

(David Pugliese) #1

Hi all,

I’m currently faced with a problem that I have not been able to find an answer to. I use outlook to send and receive mail on my mac. I have an exchange account set up where a company calendar is being shared.

My boss sends me tasks that I need to complete, when i open the email that contains the task. It doesn’t automatically add them to calendar or tasks or reminders. What I would really like is for when I receive an email that contains a task, I can import it into fantastical.

I have screenshots but it doesn’t look like I am able to post them. Any help would be appreciated it.

It might also be helpful to mention that when I open outlook on a Windows PC and it syncs. If I open fantastical on my mac, all of the tasks appear then.