OmniFocus 3 for Mac TestFlight signup

OmniFocus 3 for Mac TestFlight signup

(Wilson Ng) #1


It’s August and OmniFocus 3 for Mac is slated to come in September. I am looking into my :crystal_ball: and thinking it’s getting close to launch date.

Be sure to sign up for the OF3 for Mac TestFlight. If you’ve already signed up, you’ll get a confirmation email showing the date you signed up.

If you signed up already, you’ll get an email that confirms the date you signed up previously.

(Wilson Ng) #2

A tweet heralding the arrival!

Disclaimer: This is beta software. As always, backup your data before proceeding. There are probably missing features but it will be slowly added back in.

(Justin DiRose) #3

I’m so very excited for this. I hope it drops really soon :slight_smile:

(Wilson Ng) #4

Screenshots to whet your appetite.

Reddit link from Ryan Dotson

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(Wilson Ng) #5

You really should follow Omni Group CEO, Ken Case, if you want to hear about the TestFlight invitations,


Usually, I want these types of betas right away, I mean I wanted the OmniFocus 3 for iOS beta immediately. But for the Mac this time I’m not as anxious to get it, and I think it’s because I’ve been using the iPad Pro as my OmniFocus heavy lifting device since the OF3 iOS beta.

I’m more excited for OmniFocus for the web due to being on a Windows machine at work. Of course, I’ll buy the upgrade for OF 3 for Mac immediately, but it just doesn’t seem as necessary to me this time around.