Nebo handwriting recognition on iPad

Nebo handwriting recognition on iPad
(paulfank) #1

I have been using Nebo with the Apple pencil on my ipad and the handwriting recognition is really way better than I expected it to be. I’m writing this post in Nebo and so far I haven’t had to make one correction. Really impressive.

I find the on-screen keyboard on the ipad awkward for typing much more than a web address… This app is a game-changer as far as my productivity is concerned. I really thought the apple pencil was gimmicky for anything other than drawing and sketching, which I dont do. This really takes the utility of the ipad as a productivity tool to a whole new level.


(Justin DiRose) #2

Thanks for sharing @paulfank. I have used GoodNotes in the past and never really gave Nebo a shot, but dang that handwriting recognition is good. If I start using my iPad for notes again or handwriting anything, I’m giving this a go.



I’ve been an advocate of Nebo and its predecessor applications for some time.

Because for various physical reasons I’ve always hand-written faster and more expressively than I can type, I’ve been interested in handwriting-recognition technology for more than 20 years. I’ve tracked Vision Objects/MyScript, the developers of Nebo, since close to the Millenium. If I remember correctly, in those days handwriting-to-text applications were thin on the ground, hard to find and not very good, but you could buy a “floppy” with a genuine, unpirated MyScript application on it at the door of an anonymous building in a town south of London. I believe that Vision Objects/MyScript was then and probably still is a French developer.

Although handwriting recognition remains in my view an imperfect technology, the MyScript software has always been one or two steps ahead of its rivals and even those of other developers who licence its use in their applications. So I use Nebo too, and I’m never surprised when people say that they find it the fastest and most accurate of the handwriting-to-text applications.


(paulfank) #4

Same here — not necessarily faster, but I feel way more connected to what I’m doing when I write it out.

I just had no idea that it was an option — I know the tech has been around but I had no idea how ready-for-prime-time it was. I had a report due today at work and also had a dr appt, and I wrote my report in Nebo while I was sitting in the waiting room, without having to get my laptop out and mess with packing up when they called my name. I kind of have a crush on this program…

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(Nathaniel Mott) #5

Nebo has surprised me with how good it usually is and how often it misses the mark. I say it’s good because sometimes it makes sense of scribbles that even I can barely decipher; those moments make it seem like magic. But there are other times when a word is clearly written, at least by my estimation, and the app is convinced that I’ve written something totally nonsensical. I’m often surprised by Nebo, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. Consistency is key for me when it comes to the tools I rely on.

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