My first productivity app - TimeBit - focus keeper & routine builder

My first productivity app - TimeBit - focus keeper & routine builder

(Pavel Novikau) #1

Hi, I just made my first app to keep focus on whats matters.

I’m interested in increasing productivity for many years. I always liked how apps, at the right time and in the right place, can help us. For many years I used OmniFocus to maintain all my task lists. The last year I use Tnings3 and even drew a diagram of how I use it. But for tracking routine tasks, these were too large applications. And I decided to make my timer for simple daily tasks, where there are many repetitions and at the same time a signal is needed to move on to the next subtask.

Its a simple timer combined with routine tasks lists. And some templates for fast start. I`m use it daily in the morning for fitness and on work - for pomodoro technique.
Thanks a lot and looking for feedback!

(Joe Buhlig) #2

(Joe Buhlig) #3

(Wilson Ng) #4

I’ve always had trouble with pomodoro timers. I never got into it enough. I think I’ll give this a whirl. Thanks.

(Pavel Novikau) #5

That`s pomodoro only a little. The main thing is to create routine - list of tasks with fixed time of execution. For exmaple (template from app):
Weekly Tasks Review
|Collect Loose Papers & Thougths| 00:10:00|
|Get Inbox to Zero| 00:05:00|
|Review Done Tasks for Week| 00:04:00|
|Review Upcoming Actions| 00:04:00|
|Review Upcoming Calendar| 00:02:00|
|Review Someday or Maybe Tasks| 00:04:00|
|Plan Your Week | 00:10:00|
|Set 3 Goals for a Week| 00:02:00|

Something like this. And one can change tasks or times very simply. App got 15 templates inside for fitness, motivation, productivity and so on.

for me the main effect is that it is easy to enter into the working mood due to the rhythm of the tasks.

(Wilson Ng) #6

Aahhh! A habit app, yes?

I can always use a habit app. I use OmniFocus but it feels strange tracking habits in it. There is no report mechanism or feedback to tell me how I’m doing with my habits. I will definitely try it! It’s nice to see you have the in-app purchase to allow people to try the app for a trial period and unlock it to get the unlimited feature set.

(Atif Shahab Qureshi) #7

Whats unique in your app?

(Pavel Novikau) #8

I don`t know the answer. If one like rhythm of time during routine tasks this app could help to be more productive.

(Martin) #9

Love the app. I use it for stretching and foam rolling. It means I can program in a whole routine and make sure that I am paying close attention to each part of my body. Great work.

(Wilson Ng) #10

Started playing around with the app.I have the Due app and I can create timers. But this app allows you to create different lists. You can have a workout routine where you do X minutes doing pushups, X minutes doing sit-ups, X minutes doing squats, etc.

Then you can create a new list with timers for other tasks such as studying. This is a unique twist. In the Due app, I would have one long list of timers that can scroll more than one screen. With TimeBit, I can break up the timers into different lists or groups. This helps with timer management. Good work!