Moleskine has a Paper Notebook that Syncs

Moleskine has a Paper Notebook that Syncs

(Justin DiRose) #1

You might be a paper fiend if this interests you…

(Joe Buhlig) #2

And you might be a snob if you want Leuchtturm1917 to follow suite. :nerd_face:

I’ve long been impressed by Moleskine’s attempts and borderline success with blurring the lines between analog and digital tools. To me it makes sense to find ways to get paper converted to digital as opposed to having digital replace analog as an ideation process. But that’s the fountain pen nerd speaking.

(Justin DiRose) #3

Me too. I like my Field Notes, Moleskine, and Baron Fig notebooks any day over digital.

For being stuck in a Microsoft ecosystem at work, Office Lens + OneNote is a fantastic paper-to-digital system.

I’m not super huge on the “let’s make paper sync to digital” bandwagon in the way Moleskine is here, especially with calendars. But archiving paper for preservation and search purposes is ideal for what I need.