MichaelW’s iPhone Homescreen

MichaelW’s iPhone Homescreen

(Michael Wilson) #1

3 most used apps:

  1. Overcast
  2. Slack
  3. Spark

Which app should I delete?

Which app should I make better use of
Drafts - I really want to learn this and use it

Kennon Bickhart's iPhone Home Screen
(Wilson Ng) #2

I’ve heard that the GTDJedi Podcast hosts have a segment where they discuss one app they deleted off their iPhone. Sometimes the host(s) don’t have any deleted.

What’s that app with the blue checkmark on the left side of the dock?

(Michael Wilson) #3

It is pocket informant calendar.
In my opinion the best calendar for iOS. I need to see the full month and this shows everything clearly.

Informant 5 Calendar by Fanatic Software, Inc.