Leveraging OmniFocus to maintain weekly Agenda

Leveraging OmniFocus to maintain weekly Agenda

(Rosemary Orchard) #21

I prefer Toggl as it has an API I can connect to - which means I can connect it to my invoicing software, and also start and stop timers as part of other automations.

(Justin DiRose) #22

Timing is great for automatically tracking time spent on your computer. Toggl I find is easier for tracking time in specific areas, regardless of computer use. I also like that Toggl has an API, as it enables lots of different integrations in Mac and iOS automation.

Toggl is free for a personal account too.

I’d say give them both a spin. I honestly use both (Timing for automatically tracking my app use, and Toggl for my business project tracking).

(Michel Thomas) #23

Do you integrate Omnifocus and your calendar with Toggl?

(John Johnson) #24

I appreciate the desire to automate mundane tasks, and have spent countless hours doing so. Based on that experience, for me I’ve found that sometimes it’s easier and better to automate ourselves. Using a flowchart or tasks to remind yourself what needs to be done, doing a daily journal of the things you’ve accomplished, etc. Automation is good, but it can sometimes remove things from our view so that we lose the continuity of the project.

(Justin DiRose) #25

I don’t. I simply use it to track time.