Learn Ulysses 2.0

Learn Ulysses 2.0
(Justin DiRose) #1

The folks over at The Sweet Setup just launched an updated version of their Learn Ulysses course.

It’s an extensive update, so if you’re looking to get every ounce you can out of Ulysses, go get this course!


(Wilson Ng) #2

The first version was a great tutorial. I don’t know anything about Ulysses and jumped in headfirst with this video course. It’s a great way to jumpstart your progress with Ulysses.

Diving in now with the new update!

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(Wilson Ng) #3

Holy guacamole! There’s a lot more videos than I realized.
The basic module includes a walkthrough of many of Ulysses’ app features and a thorough explanation to gain more insight into many of the features that can be exposed. If you don’t need the features, you won’t be distracted by them. But if you want the features, the video tutorial is a great walkthrough.

New additions include Siri Shortcuts workflows, a Writing Coach module which includes many workflow ideas for writers (create a writing habit, writing more consistently, taking notes and taking actions), as well as a lot of Ulysses setups from writers such as:

Sean McCabe
Shawn Blanc
Matt Gemmell

as well as many other writers from different walks of life. Their Setup shows you how they use Ulysses from the perspective of a blogger, a director, a teacher, a youth pastor, a podcaster, and a brand consultant among other occupations.

I am thoroughly impressed so far from what I’ve seen.

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(bobbleheadjoe) #4

I made the screencast videos for the course, and there are even more planned :wink:


(Nathaniel Mott) #5

It’s a shame that Shawn didn’t split the more personal videos like he did with All The Things. (Unless I’m missing something, of course, in which case I’ll go eat crow.) I’ve been moving away from Ulysses because it’s gotten slow to load on my iPad, requires a few extra steps for basic actions than I would like, and offers me a lot of options that I either don’t use or don’t need to tinker with. But I’m still curious about some of the other videos just to get Shawn’s take on those subjects in a video format.

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I like the new, expanded course; it’s very good. And I think bobbleheadjoe has done an excellent job.