Kennon Bickhart's iPhone Home Screen

Kennon Bickhart's iPhone Home Screen


What is the concept behind your home screen? Why did you set it up the way you did?

I continue to tweak my Homescreen, but I’ve been pretty happy with what I have right now. I’m on a 7 Plus, so reaching the top part of the screen (and the opposite side of the hand I’m holding with) is often hard. I’ve tried to position apps that I use frequently in the middle two columns and then bottom 3x rows. That seems to be the easiest way for me to reach without stretching too much.

I also have a “catch-all” folder. I find that it’s easy to just use Spotlight and search for any other app outside of my Homescreen, so I’ve tucked all those away (the top right folder).

What are your three most used apps?

  1. Apple Music
  2. Pocket Casts
  3. Twitteriffic

What app should you delete?

Twitteriffic. I’ve managed to delete Facebook and don’t miss it too much, but Twitter is another beast. I’d like to kick that habit too.

What app would you like to make better use of?

Drafts. I know I’m not using this to its full potential, and I’d like to build some additional muscle memory so I use this app more often.

Home Screen Setup
(Wilson Ng) #2

well, you got your priorities set straight!

Dunkin’ Donuts as the first app.


(Wilson Ng) #3

I put all of my social media apps on the very last screen and inside its own folder. So it’s more annoying to swipe to the very last screen and open the folder just to get to Facebook and Twitterific. I also turned off my notifications for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitterific. This helps avoid the ding notification that tells me that something happened. If there is an emergency, my friends will know to call me. I don’t need to know about what my foodie friends are eating today.

If you can put barriers to it, that should help with distraction.

My own home screen is a mess too and still in progress. I’ll figure it out one day.


Oh yea!

I tried that, and it worked ok for a little while.

I’ll admit I really got rid of Facebook because I was constantly seeing stories about how they were mis-using iOS permissions. I generally just find Facebook to be gross, so that made it easier to keep me away.

I want to move Twitteriffic, but I love that icon so much it’s hard for me to move it. :smile:

(Wilson Ng) #5

I prefer keeping Twitter apps, Facebook and the other social media networks off of my mac and check it on my iOS devices. I just don’t want that distraction on my Mac when I’m supposed to be working.

So I leave Twitterific, Facebook, Instagram and slack on my mobile devices.

(Joe Buhlig) #6

Yes! :tada:

Have you tried deleting it temporarily? Take a week off? I’ve tried that with a few apps. I still haven’t re-installed them. :wink:


Yea, I did try that a while ago, but it didn’t last long. I’m going to try it again though. :+1:

(Joe Buhlig) #8

At one point I remember a feature that wouldn’t allow you to install an app unless someone else approved it. Family Sharing? You could potentially delete it and give someone else the password. :smile:


Sitting here procrastinating on a few things and decided to join the fun of updating my home screen post. :smile:

I’ve separated my screens into 2 now, and my goodness I really like the feeling it gives me for this past week.

1st Screen

A few notes:

  • I’ve moved to OmniFocus primarily for the impending v3 release. I really love it on the Mac, but my goodness is it still a hot-mess on iOS for me. I’m hoping for a lot of improvements in the friction of managing my tasks with the final release of v3. From what I’ve seen so far I think many pain points will be alleviated, so that’s good news.

  • I’ve also moved back to Evernote from DEVONthink. As much as I love DEVONthink and their rock-solid syncing of files, their text editor is just atrocious. I find most of the work that I was doing was with text-based notes, and for me Evernote is just better in that regard. I’ve thought about trying to find another text-editing app to use as a layer on top, but that hasn’t gone too far at the moment.

2nd Screen

Here is where I’m putting everything that I originally had on my 1st screen. I do have a few changes here though.

  • I replaced Dunkin with Carrot as I’m not going out for coffee as much as I had been and I really like the new icons for Carrot. :laughing:
  • I’ve been experimenting with BusyCal over Fantastical. My major gripe with Fantastical is that it doesn’t have a good month or week view in portrait mode. BusyCal’s is much more useable. However BusyCal doesn’t have a widget. Week Calendar was free yesterday so I downloaded that. It has an amazing week view and a widget, but there’s no natural language input. Can’t win 'em all apparently. :smirk:
  • I still have a catch-all folder in the top right.
  • Got rid of most social media and have moved back to primarily using RSS. I still have the apps on my phone, but they’re buried in a 4th screen abyss. So that helps a bit.
  • I ditched Kindle. I just don’t like the app at all.
  • I moved a few photo / video / reading apps into a folder on the 3rd row in case I need quicker access to them. In practice this hasn’t gotten used at all, but I’m not sure what I’d replace it with yet.
  • I moved all my navigation apps into a folder. I find I need quick access to Google Maps and Waze at times. I really tried to only use Apple Maps, but it’s just still not 100% reliable for me.
  • I cleared my 5th row for a little breathing room.

(Wilson Ng) #10

I usually use Fantastical. But when I need the monthly or weekly view, I’m ok with the default calendar app. I wasn’t too fond of the iOS app. It was just released and didn’t have the widgets that fantastical had. But I do love the Mac version.

I noticed you have both 2Do and OmniFocus. Are you running parallel systems or switching between the two for different areas of your life?

I’m sure it’ll find a way back in eventually. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yea, I love Fantastical’s widget. So I still use that, but primarily go to BusyCal when reviewing my calendar. I do hope they create a nice widget eventually. Honestly the stock iOS calendar app isn’t bad for my needs, I just miss natural language event creation.

Not really in parallel where I’m duplicating tasks. I was doing that for a bit, but that’s an effort in futility. There are a few things that I feel like 2Do does better than OmniFocus and one of those areas is action groups (projects / checklists).

However, that said, I’ve been experimenting with not using action groups (in OF) and it’s been pretty freeing. I’ve offloaded many of those lists to Evernote (and I’m toying with creating automation URLs with Drafts 5) with embedded URLs to different areas of OmniFocus. So I can layout a nice “Things”-style list with headers and additional notes and then just link to that within a single task item in OmniFocus.

Once I get some more stuff in place I’ll likely post about it. Anyway, got going down a tangent there. :laughing:

Oh yea. I mean it’s the first item in my “catch all” folder. Ha!


Well I updated to the iPhone XS, so I guess it’s time to update these screenshots. :blush:

1st Screen

I’m trying to actively take more photos, and work with them on my phone. So my first screen is focused on that, and reducing distraction when unlocking my phone.

2nd Screen

A few noticeable differences:

  • I’m testing out using Apple Calendar. So far I’m not hating it. :grinning:
  • With the new OLED display I’m using Unread and Overcast for their true black themes. So good.
  • I’ve moved from Evernote to Keep It. Gives me all the things I liked about DEVONthink + Evernote in one app.
  • Shortcuts is on the home screen and getting a good bit of use now.

(Wilson Ng) #13

I thought you were using Things or 2Do?


:rofl::joy: I can’t make up my mind!


I literally went back to OF today because I found myself losing chunks of time in my days over this past week. So I decided to be hyper vigilant in my schedule today. I planned out my calendar with blocks of time (breakfast, reading, work time, lunch, exercise, work time), and then started filling in tasks into those large blocks of work time based on the time estimates in OF.

I found it helped me keep things super organized today. I was less distracted and moved through my tasks at a quicker pace and moved on to the next task at the designated times.

It was an experiment based on seeing apps like Sorted(3) to see if it was helpful to plan out all my tasks realistically.

Overall it was a successful experiment today, but it took a lot longer to plan out my day, so I’m not sure in the long run it’s worth it. Needless to say, I’m still using Things, but I had had OF in my dock for today. :crazy_face:

(Justin DiRose) #16

I’m so glad I’m not the only one who changes task managers so often… but I keep coming back to OF.

(Troy Patterson) #17

I’m a bit late to this one. Tried Calendars 5 from readdle? Has a fair widget, natural language and multiple in app views (day, week, month and a day list view like google calendar)


Yea, I tried Calendar 5 (Readdle) a while ago. My main issues with it were the top screen based controls. I found it too hard to use on a regular basis. The rest of it was very well done though.

(Justin DiRose) #19

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