Justin DiRose's Homescreen

Justin DiRose's Homescreen

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What is the concept behind your home screen? Why did you set it up the way you did?

The ultimate goal I have is to cause myself to remember my phone is a utility, not an endless stream of entertainment and information. I’ve been making a great effort to get my app choices to line up with that vision.

I also really enjoy clear, easy to use design. Anything that will reduce friction is a huge benefit for me, which is why I keep only one folder on my iPhone. All my “need to access” apps are on the home screen; the rest are in the All folder, just one search away.

I’ve taken a CGP Grey approach to the number of rows used, as I like the whitespace an empty bottom row provides.

As far as the dock, I keep my most important apps there. I chose three because I like how it looks. Plus, I feel any time you can reduce the choices you have is a good thing.

What are your three most used apps?

In no particular order:

  • Kindle - Unlike some others around here (cough @joebuhlig cough), I’m a big Kindle fan. I do struggle at times with spending more time on a screen to read, but the convenience of being able to pull my phone out of my pocket, read a few pages in my latest book, and move on is a friction-reducing benefit. Oh, and having a newborn at home makes it often difficult to read a real book while holding a nearly sleeping baby.
  • NeuBible - @drewcoffman and @joebuhlig have talked about this one a few different times. I had tried it in the past, and didn’t originally like it. I’m still ultimately in favor of Logos’ ability to swipe between pages instead of scrolling (page swiping helps me to better remember content spatially, as it feels like a real book in my brain), but, after giving it another fair shot, I found NeuBible’s design and ease of use make it a great everyday Bible reading app.
  • Messages - Need I say more? I don’t text a lot, but it’s an absolutely essential tool.

Frequently used but not on the homescreen:

  • Safari - Speaking of never-ending streams of information… I use Safari quite a lot for research and forum browsing. It’s fast, easy to use, and doesn’t have a lot of frills.
  • Dark Sky - I mentioned this in my Apple Watch post, but I love Dark Sky’s ability to tell you at a moment’s notice what’s going on with the weather. If I run a phone without it for any period of time, I immediately miss it.

What app could you delete?

You may actually be surprised by what isn’t on my phone already.

No Twitter.

No Facebook.

No social media at all.

No email.

This is all part of my “phone as utility” mission.

However, if I were to pick one app to delete, it would probably be the PBS Kids video app. But I need to keep that one for “just in case” situations on long car rides with kids.

Home Screen Setup
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Why not two rows? :wink: Joe Buhlig's iPhone Home Screen

I’m impressed. And jealous. :confused:

(Justin DiRose) #3

Because I actually found another 4 apps that I regularly use :slight_smile: