I've got my first paid speaking gig

I've got my first paid speaking gig

(Josh Rensch) #1

When @joebuhlig and I started the podcast one of the things that I wanted was my first paid speaking gig. And I’ve done that now. Here is the proof.

I am over the moon with this. I am hoping it leads to more. I just wanted to share with the people that listened to me start this journey. Thanks, everyone!

(Joe Buhlig) #2

:hugs: Love this! I suppose it’s about time.

(Justin DiRose) #3

Come on Josh! Great work!!!

I’m really excited to see where this takes you.

(Rosemary Orchard) #4

Congratulations! That’s great, I’ll have to watch it tomorrow.

(Wilson Ng) #5

Marching forward! Now let’s get @shouit to reveal his best man speech at his next bachelor’s party. This is gonna be fun!

Congrats on the first paid speaking gig and many more to come!

(Josh Rensch) #6

Thanks everyone!

I’ve never been the best man at any wedding.Hell, I’ve only been to five weddings in my life, including my own.