How do you delegate tasks?

How do you delegate tasks?

(Tyler Weitzman) #1

I’m just starting to do much more task delegation, and my current method is pretty atrocious -> Omnifocus, email, and messengers. I would love to get help on how I’m doing this. Here are the steps I currently take with the problems detailed out

Step / Problem 1: Storing into Omnifocus. Where do things go?

Suppose I have to call my dentist’s office to schedule an appointment as part of a project to get my teeth cleaned.

Task: Call Dr. X at XXX-XXX-XXXX to schedule a cleaning
Project: Health:Get teeth cleaned
Context: @phone : calls

But now, the item is delegated to my assistant Aina

So is the context phone : calls or is it @people:aina or is it @people:aina:calls

And then do I create another task in @waiting or in @people:aina:waiting

Step / Problem 2: Sharing the task

Now I need Aina to know about this task. So where ever it is, what I’ve been doing is printing Omnifocus to PDF and emailing that as an attachment. However, it does not always include all the info in the note field, specifically, I have not been able to get it to print the screenshots that I often paste into the note field.

Step / Problem 3: Tracking completed items

When Aina tells me that the item is completed, I generally don’t bother marking it as complete. She sends me a running list of the pending items that she has to complete, the problem arises when I need to email her new tasks and now the print PDF includes all the old completed tasks.

Another Step / Problem : When the task is shared via text / chat

Sometimes I share tasks over text or a messaging app. In these cases, the likelihood of the task being forgotten by the person is significantly higher than over email. Most people don’t capture everything or review their old messages. Then I end up having to follow up (hopefully I did capture it into my @waiting).

Should I just use Asana instead of Omnifocus for delegation? But then the capture is so much slower AND I am fragmenting my tasks. What competitors are there to Asana? Maybe an integration with another app to share? I found a Github gist for merging from Asana into Omnifocus but it’s only one way.

Are there any todo apps you know of that have two way integrations or scripts available with Omnifocus?

(Wilson Ng) #2

Just a quick reply. Will try to think about this later. :thinking:

I would probably just use @people:Aina and not worry about the wait or call. I have @people for infrequent contacts and some people under the @people context that I frequently interact with such as wife, kids, boss, etc.

I don’t rely use call or wait since I’m already waiting for someone’s reply. I’m “waiting” to see if my wife finished something.

I just use the @people context as an agenda/waiting for. I typically just write the verb into the task name… Email John re: Christmas party. Slack Sally re: end of month report. Call Sam re: birthday dinner.

I like to have a context and maybe one sub-context deep.

I like using Asana for agenda items and works better when trying to share tasks. Omnifocus remains for my personal stuff.

(Joe Buhlig) #3

If I have a project where I hand off the next step, I let them know in the way that’s best for them. Sometimes that’s email and others it’s iMessage or Slack. Regardless, once I’ve passed it on to them I put the task for the project in @Waiting.

Once they let me know it’s done, I cross it off and ensure the next action is recorded and I’m off to the races again.

For how to do this in OmniFocus, I would create a context @Waiting:Aina. Anytime I give her something to do, I would record it here. When she says “I’m done” then I would check it off and let the next task show up.

The printing piece would get tricky. You’re essentially trying to get things out of OmniFocus. I tested this a bit and it looks like you can create a Perspective for what you want, expand all notes on all tasks, and then hit print. For me, that printed all notes. But it didn’t grab any images I have in the notes fields.

(zack0816) #4

Hey, @Tyler_Weitzman.

I use Trello to delegate tasks to my VA.

Here is what the board looks like:

Here is a video showing you how I set up an automated review process w/ Butler:

Here’s is everything else I know about Trello:

I’ve since added repeating cards for repetitive tasks. Let me know if you’d like a video on that and I can whip something up.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you end up delegating your tasks in Trello!


(Tyler Weitzman) #5

Thanks @zack0816 this is great material, I’ll take a look and get back with any questions. @Coachan007 recently recommended Trello to me as well for recruiting activity

And, I just found out online that it has the one thing that has always been so missing for me in Asana— global quick entry through a desktop app

(Tyler Weitzman) #6

Started using Trello with a script to export OF tasks into my shared board. The script can also mark OF tasks as closed when moved to completed in Trello by team members.

Thought to share the open source project I’m using for this:

Just started. Will update in the future on how well this works.