Hi from North Carolina

Hi from North Carolina

(joshua church) #1

My name is Joshua Church and I am 39 years old living in the mountains on North Carolina. I was a hair dresser for almost 20 years before retiring and moving into the sales arena. I bought my first MacBook in October 2014 and the bug bit hard.

I have become immersed in the Apple echo system and am very passionate about using these wonderful digital tools to increase productivity and efficiency. I have been an OmniFocus user for the past 3 years and grow to love the software with each passing year. Automation is my newest addition to my digital tool belt. I am fascinated with automation and the processes that go into doing such things.

I look forward to getting to know the group and learning from everyone.

(Beck Tench) #2

Hi Joshua! I’m from from NC (live in Seattle now). Where abouts in those NC mountains?

(Greg Newman) #3

Hello from Charlotte! What part of the mountains?