Giving back to the communities I've joined

Giving back to the communities I've joined

(Wilson Ng) #1

I might drive by a car on the roadside and see a person with a flat tire. Do I just drive by on my way to Starbucks? Or do I stop, roll up my sleeves and help?

My start as an internet lurker

I’ve been an internet lurker for a long time. Does that sound creepy? I registered to a bunch of Facebook groups, Slack channels, Twitter, or Discourse sites. I sucked in all the questions and answers like a baby to milk. Sometimes I’ll give it a post a “like” to show my appreciation. But I wouldn’t do much else to contribute.

I’ve been in a one-way relationship with the internet for a long time. It’s about time I did something to change the situation. I don’t want to be a hidden citizen taking benefits from the social community and not returning anything of benefit. I’m gonna finally show myself by peeking over the wall and introduce myself in the forums.

I’ve started contributing and giving back to the community now. I have a couple of Facebook groups where I bring up new topics. I’m not much of a Twitter user but I do share some interesting tweets to my other groups. I joined a couple of Slack channels discussing topics that I care about. You can also see me frequently on the [Omni Group Discourse] as well as the Productivity Guild.

I don’t know about a lot of things. I’m interested in ideas such as goal setting, health, productivity, meditation, and workflows. I joined a few social media platforms so that I can take from them but also give back to the community. Being on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean makes it hard to find like-minded people. The internet allows us to connect to a wide variety of people from around the world to share ideas, issues, and solutions they may have.

I started participating heavily in the OmniFocus forum at the Omni Group Discourse site. But I found that there were other issues that I wanted to explore but I didn’t feel that the Omni Group Discourse was the right place to talk about them. A search led me to the Productivity Guild and I tentatively started [my very first post] to dip my feet into the waters.

It’s been an interesting journey. I have the opportunity to explore new worlds that I had a passing interest in. I test ideas and workflows by posting about the topic on the Productivity Guild and discuss with my fellow Guild members. I can gain new perspectives from other people who have gone through some of the issues that I am encountering. I don’t fear about judgment because I came here to learn about myself and others. There’s an old quote:


When we pool our resources, gather up the knowledge of the group, and provide assistance to one another, we become stronger as a community. It’s a difficult road when we trek alone. But together, we can get to our goals faster with assistance from our companions.

Have you considered being more active in your social community? I’m not talking about posting cat pictures to Facebook or memes in Instagram. I’m talking about communities such as the Productivity Guild and others where we have similar interests and want to help each other. Would you get out of your car to help a person with their flat tire? Will you contribute to the Productivity Guild? My challenge to you, the reader, is to post about something that interests you. It could be a question. It could be about something that you wanted to explore. Share your ideas and watch your ideas grow. I shared a lot of my own personal workflows and enjoyed reading the replies. I get to fine tune my own workflows. I get to her about new ideas that presents a different side that I never considered. Helping each other strengthens the community. We can climb to higher summits together and enjoy the view.

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