Five articles to change your life

Five articles to change your life

(Joe Buhlig) #1

Just do this one thing to change your life

What is the one habit that can transform your world forever - Quora

We don’t know how to improve if we don’t measure ourselves. I’m a firm believer of documenting our workflows, habits, and changes that occur in life. Life is all about patterns. If we can find the pattern, we can utilize it to our advantage.

- @wilsonng

Get the right tasks done! Don’t be fooled by your brain!

When it comes to tasks, it’s so easy to pick the low hanging fruit and choose an easier task for instant gratification. But that means the more important task isn’t getting done. We also have Big Rock projects that have no deadline and no urgency to start or complete.

Monica Torres offers her take on what it takes to stop focusing on being busy and actually becoming productive.

How to start your adventures in journaling

Journaling can be a tough exercise to adopt. I stare at a blank screen in my Day One app or at a blank page on my beautiful paper journal. What the heck do I write about? Here are some prompts that can kickstart your journaling habit. You’ll never be at a loss for words.

Side Hustling’s positive effects on your mental health

The path to becoming a free agent often starts with a side hustle. Our day job puts food on the dinner table but we pursue our passion with the side hustle. Here are five benefits of getting a side hustle going. You’ll be thanking yourself later.

Working from home can be difficult

It is difficult to work from home when your family comes barging in with the new discovery of the day or a disaster that needs immediate fixing. The TV and sofa calls to us when we should be sequestered at our desk trying to get things done. Here are three things to do to get focused back on your work when you’re working at home.