Evernote Announces DARK MODE!

Evernote Announces DARK MODE!
(Justin DiRose) #1

Originally published at: https://productivityguild.com/2018/evernote-announces-dark-mode/

Source: Evernote In a very recent release of Evernote, a long-awaited feature shipped: Dark Mode. There’s been a lot of negative press around Evernote with an executive team reportedly leaving and the dismissal of a CEO. This has caused a small bit of a panic in the section of productivity community invested in Evernote; however,…

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(Chris Lahn) #2

In the grand scheme of things, it is such a small thing, but for someone who almost exclusively uses dark mode when I can, it does look really nice.

Here is hoping it is a sign that they are getting back to working on actual user-driven feature requests and not simply worrying about their business account customers. I have certainly taken enough of their surveys to feel like I am doing my part on requesting features! :smile:

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(Wilson Ng) #3

It took me a while to get used to dark mode for anything. But I can’t go back. I squint now when a web page loads up in white. I think the only apps I want in light mode is Word and Pages because I want to see what my word processing document looks like on white paper.


(James R) #4

Dark mode is the best. I just dont have the need to pay for Evernote services. I got hit by their device limitations on the free account. It was a pain because I’ve my mobile, home PC and work PC. The limit is two if I recall correctly. I’d be tempted to return knowing it has dark mode though!


(Justin DiRose) #5

I’m so glad dark mode is a thing now :smiley: It hasn’t called me back to Evernote, but I’m really glad to see they are actively developing the software into something meaningful again.

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