Drafts 5 is out!

Drafts 5 is out!

(Wilson Ng) #21

There is still some resistance for users who love the traditional “pay once” model instead of the subscription model.

I can understand that the subscription model will get you features a lot quicker than the “pay to upgrade to a major version” model. We’ll get features a lot sooner in the subscription model. But the fanfare and hoopla surrounding.

I hear the argument about death by a thousand paper cuts. The argument of “it’s only a cup of coffee per month” wears down on users but I think they’ll learn to accept it if they benefit from the app instead of just having it stored away in their Applications folder.

I don’t mind paying for one month and cutting it off when I’m no longer using it. That’s what I do at my office for Adobe Creative Cloud.

It does make me think harder about which subscription to choose nowadays. I have a choice between Bear, Ulysses, or Evernote. Which one will fit me better? As long as I have an out after 1 month, I’m pretty happy with the subscription model. The apps that I use the most tend to stay in my software toolbox. I can subscribe to the others when I need it for a short period of time. As long as I can have ready-only mode to my documents or a way to export my documents in industry standard formats (PDF, Markdown, etc.), I’m good.

(Mike N) #22

I consider this and subscription models to be a positive, strictly because at some point you are going to commit to one app for a use case.

(Josh Rensch) #23

I would love to agree with you but I’ve been around gyms in January too much. People join only to quit going but keep paying for years. I’ve seen this in apps too. But, on a plus side, those of us that use the app get to keep using it while others help support it. :smiley:

(Justin DiRose) #24

I’m definitely not jumping into Drafts 5 subscription yet. I already have 4 $20+/yr subscriptions. But it’s pretty cool.

(Mike N) #25

How many gyms do most join, though?

I know several gym junkies who have multiple gym memberships and I know lots of gym abstainers who have one. Those borders generally hold pretty firm. Both groups have an upper limit of gyms to join due to the cost.

And even for the junkies, they are generally having memberships for different use cases - one with a pool, one close to work, one with group classes, etc. Essentially, different productivity apps.

Or that is my fiction - you are right in the end OPM is the most valuable thing.

(Josh Rensch) #26

What does that mean?

(Mike N) #27

Other people’s money.

Owning rental properties is a good example of the value of OPM. As long as you can carry the risk, other people pay the purchase cost of your assets.