Discovering Multiple Tabs in OmniFocus

Discovering Multiple Tabs in OmniFocus

(Wilson Ng) #1

Here’s a common complaint about OmniFocus:

I wished there was a back button for OmniFocus.

Oftentimes, I move from one perspective to another perspective. But I might want to return to the previous perspective. One way to keep place place in a previous perspective is to use multiple tabs in MacOS. You can select File > New Tab or Command-Option-T

Creating a new tab will show the same perspective view I am in. Then I can go to another perspective if needed.

One situation that I encounter often is revealing a task in a project. I might be in a perspective that shows all of my @Mac tasks. I can select the task in the outline pane. Then hit Command-Option-R or View > Show in Projects.

Hitting this hotkey will take me to the Projects perspective and I can see the task in whatever project it belongs to. Sometimes I’ll forget what perspective what I want to return to. Using a simple Keyboard Maestro will automate this process. I no longer need a “Back” button like a web browser. I used KM to re-assign Command-Option-R to a macro that will show the task’s project in a new tab. When I am done, I hit Command-W to close the tab and I return back to my original perspective.

I do wish for a “Back” button in OmniFocus but I alleviated that by creating a quick and simple KM macro.

Hope you enjoyed little tip! Share your favorite tips. What sounds so simple could be a mind-blowing lifesaver for the rest of us!

(Kourosh) #2

Neat idea, @wilsonng! I’ll give it a try.

Totally agree - I wish for a back button as well.