Deletion of Email

Deletion of Email

(Jonathan Ball) #1

I currently have my work email connected to Apple mail. I am a inbox zero person and I like to empty my inbox on a daily basis. There’s one problem with this. If I delete an email from my phone, it deletes from the computer at work. Is there a way to just delete the email from my phone?


Email used to work this way back when providers were mostly POP3. The server stored ALL messages and then your devices would download them each individually. Changes were never saved on the server so you could individually delete messages from your phone or computer without removing them elsewhere.

Almost all have since moved to IMAP as their primary connection which syncs your message state back to the server so you can triage your email anywhere and it will be reflected on every device.

All that to say if you want to individually manage each email on every device, you want to use POP3.

However that would drive me mad. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Jonathan Ball) #3

Thanks for your reply! I usually check all email on my phone because of its convenience. Is there a way to change my phone setting to POP3?

(Justin DiRose) #4

That’s probably not advisable as POP3 is a standard that’s fading away and many providers are removing support for it.

One thing I’d propose to consider is your workflow for handling email. Are you keeping everything in your Inbox? Should you be deleting them? Would moving them to an Archive or To-Do folder be a better option? Most email plans have a ridiculous amount of storage that would take thousands of emails over years to max out (for most people anyway).

I would personally recommend this workflow:

  • Delete any messages you absolutely don’t need (junk mail, newsletters, notifications, etc.)
  • Archive any messages you may need in the future but don’t need to do anything with now
  • Put a task in your task manager OR move the email to a To-Do folder in your email for any messages that need to be revisited later. If you don’t get a lot of email, you could leave it in your inbox, too.

(Jonathan Ball) #5

My biggest concern is moving and deleting emails that the other managers haven’t seen. We all share a common email address and not everyone checks email at the same time.

(Justin DiRose) #6

Oh sure! That definitely complicates things, then.

You’re probably going to be stuck marking them as read in your email client, then making a note to yourself to follow up later if you need to. However there may be options I’m missing here.

(Jennifer) #7

Generally, this is determined by the email provider. You have to switch to POP3 there, and then you can switch it in your apps. Of course, as others have mentioned, this is probably not a great idea.

Ugh, I hate shared email accounts. They can be very difficult to manage. Maybe see if you can switch the account into more of a ticketing system? Some options are Service Now, Ubersmith, Zendesk, Remedy, and so on. Then you would just take the messages that were for you and the inbox zero would be on your end again. Note, I haven’t used any of those ones I mentioned (well, I used Remedy for a while like 10 years ago), but that’s how a number of companies I work with handle what you’re describing.

Something to think about at any rate. :smiley:

(Troy Patterson) #8

It’s been awhile since I’ve tried this, but if you use a third party app with “Snooze” it will remove it for a set time from your app view, but I think even before the snooze is over it’s still in your primary email account.

(Jonathan Ball) #9

Thanks Troy! I’m going to give this a try. Sounds like this could be what I’ve needed.