Day One 3.0

Day One 3.0

(Justin DiRose) #1

I didn’t think this would be coming but I’m so glad it’s here.

Day One 3.0 solves two problems I’ve had with the app:

  • Dark Mode - because who wants to journal at night with a stark white interface…
  • Audio - there are times where I have audio recordings I want to add to Day One posts but couldn’t. Now I can. Solves a HUGE problem for me!

(Wilson Ng) #3

Audio recording still limited to 1 minute. You’ll have to record for up to 1 minute and let iOS transcribe it as text. Sadly this is an iOS limit. But at least we can capture voice recordings.

Drafts had found a unique way to trick iOS into recording lengthy dialogue. I’ve been using drafts to do a lot of that type of work and then send it to day one.

(Justin DiRose) #4

You can record and import audio up to 30 minutes in length if you disable transcription. Neat feature to have but not always necessary.