Connections (Quad 2 Productivity)

Connections (Quad 2 Productivity)

(Avrum Nadigel) #1

Since 2001, I’ve read (and at some point, implemented) most of the popular productivity books & systems. By far, my favorite is “Connections” by Roger a Merrill, co-author of the 7 Habits of highly effective people. His book predates the 7 habits, and focuses on Quad 2 productivity. It is both philosophical, and very practical.

If anyone has the book, or is willing to purchase a copy, I would be willing to host a book club, either via Skype or in this forms.

Any takers?

(Joe Buhlig) #2

I’ll join you. I’ll get the book ordered right away but it may be a few weeks before I get it wrapped up.

(Avrum Nadigel) #3

Wonderful Joe!

Given the material, it might be best to tackle this chapter by chapter. Would you like do this on this forum? I’m open to any arrangement.

(Joe Buhlig) #4

I’m game for chapter by chapter. One chapter a week for X weeks? We could likely do a Google Meet setup as I have accounts for that which should work universally.

How does that sound?

You up for leading these? I’m not sure I can commit to owning the meeting itself, but would like to participate at least.

(Avrum Nadigel) #5

Well so far… there’s only two people: You and me :slight_smile:

So whatever works best. If we’re only two, perhaps we can go back and forth on the forum? This is your space, so I’ll defer to your expertise.

Because of Covey’s fame, Merrill’s work faded into the background. However, I think it was Merrill’s ideas and execution that comprised the best (productivity) bits of 7 Habits - as you’ll read about in Connections.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Joe.

(Joe Buhlig) #6

I’d say if one other person joins in, we can do calls. Record them maybe? Otherwise, we could commit to weekly check-ins on each chapter. That’s my best guess right now.

(Avrum Nadigel) #7


I’m in the process of reading the book now. But as Merrill suggests - and Covey would echo in 7 Habits - to properly integrate information, one must read, do and teach/share.