Complete and await Response Script

Complete and await Response Script

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Hey everyone,

Looking for a little help on the Complete and Await Response Script by Cliff.

So I use the script, and have now started using tags, however when I run the script, it adds the correct, “Await Response” tag but also keeps the original “Email” tag, is it possible to add a line which would remove the initial tag?

I’m not great with apple scripts; any guidance would help.




For information, the script discussed is:
which is an updated version of the original:

If you do not want to include the tags of the original task you need to change the line 105:

set theTags to {theWaitingForTag} & ( tags of theDupe)


set theTags to {theWaitingForTag}

in this way you exclude the previously assigned tags.

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This has been hugely helpful.