Best way to import a text list into Omnifocus 3

Best way to import a text list into Omnifocus 3

(Jennifer) #1

I have a text file with indented tasks that I would like to track in Omnifocus. But I’d really rather not copy/paste each line into OF manually (there are dozens). I currently have it in a text file and it looks something like this:

Top task
====Secondary task
========related tertiary task
====Secondary task 2
Top task 2

etc. (= is meant to be a space, but I can’t be bothered to convert them to something non-breaking…)

I’ve been debating importing the list into OmniOutliner and seeing if I can import it from there. But I figured I’d ask here to see if anyone had done something like this before I spend several hours going down a rabbit hole instead of actually working on the tasks.


(Wilson Ng) #2

What i’ve done before was to highlight all the text in the text file and then go the projects perspective in OmniFocus. Click on a task to select it. Now that the task is highlighted, I hit Command-V to paste in the clipboard contents. This creates a new task.

Is this a template that you’re copying into OF? I like to create a project in OF. Afterwards, I copy the project and the tasks using Edit > Copy as TaskPaper. Then paste that into a text file. This will keep all the other metadata such as tags, dates, and notes. To go even further, use it as a template with Drafts.

(Jennifer) #3

It’s a list of properties that I need to make sure I cover in a project I’m working on. I have the list in Ulysses, but I want to be able to check off each property when I know I’ve covered it.

What’s interesting is when I tried this the first time, it pasted all the contents into one task. But this time, it did exactly what I wanted. It must have known you were watching. :slight_smile:


(Janov911) #4

Just as an addition, as you made it work already :slight_smile:

Formatting text using the taskpaper format will always make sure you can copy-paste it into OF directly.

Here’s a link to the description:

(Jennifer) #5

Thanks. As you say I got it working, but I’m sure I’ll need it again before long. I like text and I like OF. :wink:

(Janov911) #6

That’s why my go to app for input is Drafts (both on iOS and macOS) :slight_smile: