Best overall Email App?

Best overall Email App?

(Yaakov Goldberg ) #1

I know there is no best overall, because we all have different needs. But wanted to hear your thoughts overall on list I have here. Thank you

(Rosemary Orchard) #2

I use Airmail. I have quite a few custom actions set up which seriously speed things up for me, and the built in actions are extremely useful (e.g. sending straight to OF).

It depends on what your needs are as to what will be the best app for you though!

(Yaakov Goldberg ) #3

Thanks again Rosemary! Best!:smile:

(Wilson Ng) #4

Was there something that the default Apple Mail doesn’t do that you wanted?

I’ve been experimenting with Spark for the last couple of weeks. Still getting adjusted to it. I really link the Spark to OmniFocus shortcut.

I stayed away from AirMail because my boss keeps installing it and then deleting it from his iPad pro. I’ll let him be the test guinea pig.

(Joe Buhlig) #5

I was on the default for quite a while, but recently spent the money on MailMate. Since my business is around Discourse and writing in Discourse involves Markdown, it seemed to make sense. But the key features that sold me were the inverse chronological sort (oldest first) and the GMail keyboard shortcuts. Combine those with Markdown and I have everything I need/want. :wink:

(Josh Rensch) #6

I’m also an Airmail user. It has markdown. It has custom actions. It is easy to use. And it has delay send. All features I want in an email app.


I’ve tried so many email apps. Airmail was too buggy. Spark just feels slower. Many others lack anything compelling or don’t have good counter apps for macOS or have no way to link to a task manager with deep links back. :man_shrugging:t2:

I currently use and love MailMate on macOS so I use that and jump between Mail for iOS and Dispatch to triage my messages.

(Yaakov Goldberg ) #8

Hi am now using Airmail, base on a recommendation from Rosemary Orchard. I have been very pleased & works well with Omnifocus. Thank you Rosemary! :wink:

(Justin DiRose) #9

This has been my experience and am now toying with this exact setup.

(Ed M) #10

Interesting thread. I would like to migrate off Apple Mail on macOS. I have numerous personal and business email accounts to manage in Mail, and the biggest headache for me with Apple Mail is searching. I usually have to go to Houdah Spot to find the messages I want, because Apple Mail’s results are not good.

So, in the options suggested here – which ones are very good at search, especially complex searches: date range + sender + content, for example?

(StevenD) #11

In my opinion, the best overall email app is Apple Mail with Mailtags and Mail Act on extensions from Smallcubed software. With the advent of Mojave, they’re gonna merge all their products into 1 suite.

Since I’m sounding like a paid shill for these products, let me explain:

  • I have only two mailboxes: Inbox and DONE
  • I have 4 windowtabs : Inbox / @Action / @Followup / @Waitingfor > these show all messages with these respective tags (or untagged for the inbox)
  • for all active projects, I make an entry in Mailtags’ Project-list
  • for each new project I make a series of shortcuts that are easily entered via Mail Act On’s popup-menu (ProjectnameX-@Action/ProjectnameX-@Followup/ProjectnameX-@Waitingfor)

Now my Apple Mail configuration is ready. With two memorized shortcuts I can file any incoming message into the correct context for any project. Each tab shows me instantly and colorcoded by project what is actionable, what I’m waiting for etc… This seriously declutters not only the inbox, but any “Projectname-mailbox” I used before starting to use Smallcubed products many moons ago. When I’m done processing a message/conversation - I clear that message off all of its tags > it disappears from any of my Apple Mail tabbed windows and resides in DONE untagged (which can be considered an all - encompassing archive that can be searched more effectively)