Best book regarding vision?

Best book regarding vision?


Hey everyone. Joe mentioned on Bookworm 14 that a lot of the books they read included something about vision. I’ve tried before, but unsuccessfully. I can’t seem to articulate something that rings true.

Anyone have any thoughts on a good book to check out, or other thoughts on nailing a good vision?

(Wilson Ng) #2

maybe just start with envisioning your life one year from now. It takes practice. Then maybe later when you’re ready, start envisioning your goals about what you want 3-5 years from now. but of course, life can change and we go with the flow.

i’ve also had a difficult time with envisioning anything more than 3 years from now. But I’m confident I’ll know what I want when i’m ready to start envisioning 5 years or longer.

I think there was something in the GTD book about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. You gotta think about survival (eating and shelter) first before you can get up to the other things. In GTD terminology, work on your runway stuff first (tasks). Then you can think at a higher horizon of focus - the projects. Then work your way up to Areas of Responsibilities. I forget what the higher horizons are but they tend to be further out into the future (3+ years) up to your life vision(the ultimate question - what am I here on this planet for?).

(Joe Buhlig) #3

I’ve not read it yet but Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans was highly recommended to me by a trusted friend.

But honestly, just keeping your mind directed towards a vision of any kind will help you slowly morph and tweak it to what you want. Mine has been iterated on hundreds of times over the last two years. It’s always pointed me in the same direction but the nuances continue to develop.

(Josh Rensch) #4

I would second @joebuhlig’s book recommendation. I might have been the one that recommended it to him. Great book for helping determining your vision for your life.


Awesome. This sounds like a really good summer project. Thanks!