Back In The Groove

Back In The Groove

(Joe Buhlig) #1

I’m always amazed that it takes a full week to get back into the groove of work after taking a week off. Ultimately, a one week vacation translates into a three-week ordeal. One for getting ready. One for the vacation itself. And one for spinning all the gears up again.

So this past week I turned on all the burners and managed to get them back up to temperature. I’m sure my clients will be happy about that.

Without further ado, here’s what’s going on in my world:

What I’m reading
The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
This is the latest Bookworm book I’m going through. I just started it yesterday with the intent of reading a “class” per day instead of per week. We’ll see how that goes, but regardless, I have high expectations of this book.

Principles by Ray Dalio
This is a rare case of me picking up two books at once. I know that the time involved in reading The Artist’s Way won’t consume all my reading time of the day. So I’m jumping into Principles at the same time because Josh won’t let me alone until I read this one.

BW - 37: Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Is it possible that attempting to break a thing can make it genuinely stronger? Also, Mike is back on OmniFocus. Who knew?

Books added to the list
I haven’t added anything to my book list this week since I’m getting back into the habit fully. But I did manage to move my book list to Bear.

Interesting Productivity Guild topics
Mindmapping and goals
Wilson put together an excellent take on using mind maps to keep track of and develop your goals. Being someone who appreciates a solid goal-setting process, this really resonated with me. But at the same time, I’m not a mind-mapper.

Words That Challenge
003: Craig Mod - I Want My Attention Back! - Hurry Slowly
It’s a long story but I’m finally getting back into listening to podcasts and not just recording them. And Hurry Slowly is one of my favorites that I’m catching up on. This particular episode struck me as Craig Mod explains his methods of pointing his attention where he wants and when he wants. All I can say is that I’m jealous, but at the same time wondering what to do about it.

Why forests and rivers are the most potent health tonic around - Aeon Essays
My sense is that we’ve known getting outside is an extremely positive activity in regards to our health. But I have to say this is one of the first articles I’ve run across that attempts to explain why on the microbial level.

Get a Grip on Your Process, or Give It Up - Getting Things Done®
Apparently, David Allen is quite the dude when he gets fired up. This is a fun article he wrote to express some of his frustration with people who don’t adopt the entire GTD system but only a part of it and then complain about how it didn’t work for them.

Bear - I’ve learned that I really like having my long-term lists in markdown format. I didn’t realize until this move that I like having a singular format for all my text, writing, notes, ideas, etc… It’s one less thing to think about or to consider when collecting an idea or writing a thought down.

Meditation - How many times have I attempted to develop this habit? I can think of four times but it’s likely more than that. A couple months ago I joined Chris Bowler’s newsletter and he’s been recommending the Oak app lately. Once again I’m enamored by the results of someone who meditates and want to follow suit. So I’m using Oak daily. We’ll see how long it lasts this time.

(Wilson Ng) #2

One day, I’ll get into meditating. But I fear it is not now. Hmmm… Maybe I should develop this into a more concrete goal in 2018??? :thinking:

Mind mapping is something that also confounds me. But I’m trying to think outside the box and try something uncomfortable. I’m hoping this will break boundaries and I’ll get to see something different. Or I’m just throwing s**t on the wall and seeing what sticks?