Anyone Tried Asana

Anyone Tried Asana

(Jonathan Ball) #1

Has anyone ever tried using Asana for personal task management?

(Justin DiRose) #2

I haven’t in depth but have heard good things about it. It’s especially good for team task management.

(Wilson Ng) #3

I’ve had a good experience with Asana. It feels like it’s perfect for projects and checklists. I haven’t really used it as a personal task management app but I think it’s more than doable. I don’t know if there’s much difference betweenAsana and Todoist.

Here’s something I saw recently.

It feels like Todoist has a bigger market presence. Maybe it’s because of advertising? I’m not sure.

This comparison seems to show Asana as having more features than Todoist.

(Jeremy Wells, EA) #4

I have not used Asana for personal task management, but the CPA I work with uses it to manage tasks. It’s mainly three of us: him, me, and our mutual VA. The checklists are great, so we treat each “task” as a one-off project (usually completing someone’s tax return), with the check marks being each step in the process (return prepared, client reviewed, client signed, return submitted, return accepted).

To us, Asana’s greatest feature is the ease of assigning and re-assigning tasks to each other. I’ve only used Todoist as a personal task manager, so I can’t compare this portion of its functionality to Asana. That said, I prefer the look and feel of Todoist over Asana.