A simple MacOS app called CheatSheet

A simple MacOS app called CheatSheet

(Wilson Ng) #1

I love my keyboard shortcuts on my Mac. if you’re on an iPad with a bluetooth keyboard, you can hold the command key down for a few seconds and it will pop up a cheat sheet with all the keyboard shortcuts you can use in the current iOS app you’re in.

CheatSheet replicates this on MacOS. If I have a new program that I’m not familiar with, holding down the Command key reminds me. Otherwise, I’d have to flip through the different menus to hunt down a menu command or keyboard shortcut.

The price? Free!

(Joe Buhlig) #2

Interesting. Definitely looking at this one. I was a little concerned when I saw the 2012 date on the Lifehacker article, but the last update to the program was in January 2018. :+1:


I would also check out KeyCue, it also pulls in Keyboard Maestro macros. Last time I checked, CheatSheet wasn’t capable of this, but it has been a couple years. I’ve used KeyCue for the last few years and found it immensely helpful.

KeyCue Version 9